Welcome to the Weekend…Hello Summer!

Hello summer and poolside from Stylemindchic Life

And just like that…my summer has arrived!!

Is your summer here too?

We all have a set point for when summer begins and it’s not just a date on the calendar. It may be when school is out for the kids, the day you leave town on that hard earned summer vacation, or the first splash in the pool. My summer started last Friday…and I couldn’t be more ready.


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It was such a profound shift in schedule–from daily commute, timelines, meetings, to do lists–that I almost didn’t know what to do with myself the first couple of days. I shut my office door, from my life as a school psychologist, and I won’t be back for 8 weeks. Scott has been gone at a conference this week and I’ve had some good quiet time to myself. I do think it’s true that absence makes the heart grow fonder, especially when you have time to yourself. Last year he and I attended this life changing conference together, so I decided to drive down to Sacramento to join him, and other friends and colleagues, for a night. I guess that’s proof about the heart growing fonder.


Hello summer and best friends since 4th grade


I also made a lunch date with my best friend from 4th grade, Deb. We worked in both an Italian lunch at Lucca, and a dessert bar, Rick’s Dessert Diner. We are definitely a good influence on each other as we kick off summer! ;). On my way home I enjoyed an afternoon with my mom and family. I’d say summer is off to a great start.


Poolside with loungers Stylemindchic Life

This Sunday is Father’s Day.

To all you dads out there–Happy Father’s Day!!

Heather Orr Lindstrom and Dad at wedding Stylemindchic Life

To those of us missing our dads, like I am, hugs to you today.

Scott and Heather Lindstrom


To Scott, an amazing dad to his girls…..

Happy Father’s Day, my love.


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How about you?

Have you kicked off summer?

Do you have any fun plans coming up?


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Heather Lindstrom

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Heather, you worked at Rick’s Dessert Diner? I love that place! We often stop there when visiting Sacramento. The best cakes I’ve ever had. Yes, Summer has arrived, and it’s so hot today. It’s supposed to be in the 100’s this week. How fun that you and your best friend got to catch up with each other. I’ve always loved this picture of you and your dad. I miss my dad so, especially on this special day, but he is with me often in my thoughts.

It’s almost July; try to stay cool, and have a fun summer.

love, ~Sheri


Love that last photo everyone looks so happy! Even the cat, which is a much prettier version of my runt Remy! xo K


Yes. Well, put. I have thought about that for several summers. About what constitutes the start. It seemed to begin with my daughter’s half days of her school days. There’s an ease and a slow down. Lovely photos.


My unofficial start of summer came the last week of May this year, when I decided to make orange a permanent accent color in our home. While decorating, I couldn’t stop humming Summertime. :)
Enjoy your summer, friend, and Happy Father’s Day to you. We never stop missing our dad’s, do we.


It sounds like you’ve kicked off summer perfectly! How fun to have lunch with your friend from 4th grade! Wow. My oldest friendship dates from 8th grade. It’s so wonderful to have a long standing friendship and share such a history.
Your pool looks perfect. I think I’d be there everyday! Happy weekend my friend.


How fun, Jen! It is such fun to have that much history with a friend. Love your story! The pool is my saving grace living in Chico-it gets hot, hot, hot here. Happy weekend my friend.


Great post, sweetie…I’ve missed you. Great pics of you…you look gorgeous and could pass as sister’s with Scott’s daughters. No kidding.

I miss my father, too…four years gone. Very hard but the memories keep us good.

Jane x


Oh Jane, it really doesn’t get easier, does it? Life changes the moment we lose someone we love– and it’s never quite the same. Thanks for the kind words-Scott’s girls are gorgeous, aren’t they? I’m so glad I thought to grab the camera on Thanksgiving day last year. Love it when you stop by and I’m looking forward to getting my ‘Michigan fix’ on your blog.
Hugs to you,


Heather, my summer break started yesterday, and today I couldn’t remember what day of the week it was! I guess I am really on break! Enjoy yours!
I am remembering the sweetness of your dad the many times I spent time up on Yankee Hill. He was a wonderful man!


Good for you, Tara! Isn’t it the best?? I’m so ready, especially this year. I do have a 4 day in conference this week-but it’s Napa after all. :) Thank you for the kind words about my dad. As our childhood friend you knew him pretty much your whole childhood. Fun memories!!! xx


Like you I will be missing my Daddy like crazy this Sunday especially as I only lost him a few months ago :-(

Isn’t it a wonderful feeling though when you know your “day job” is over for some months now. I do remember that feeling from days long ago. Now my Summer starts as soon as the weather says so, and it said so this week here in the UK ;-) Had thought about flying to my place in Spain to “avoid” Fathers Day but it is over 42ºC there at the moment. No chance!

Have a lovely weekend Heather as you slowly disconnect from the normal madness xx


Oh Vannessa, I’ve been thinking of you. The first year is especially difficult and I’m so sorry for your loss. If Spain is too hot perhaps you can do something out of the ordinary to celebrate rather than feel the sadness as much. I remember the first Thanksgiving after we lost my dad we spent the holidays with family but in a different location than our typical holiday. It helped in some ways. Hugs to you my dear. xx


HELLO THERE! My summer started in Carmel and now that we are home, my summer routine of planting my flowers, cleaning my deck and just relaxing has started. ENJOY that pool my friend, for eight weeks is going to come too soon for us both! LOVE and hugs, Anita


Your summer is off to a lovely start, Anita! I loved seeing your photos from Carmel. Bringing more of that Carmel charm home sounds like a perfect summer project. Enjoy every moment, my friend! xx


Cheers to summer Heather! I’m sure you are loving your time off, and that pool looks so inviting. I guess my summer starts in June as that is usually when I enjoy the pool. We have had so much warm, or should I say hot weather here in Sacramento….it seems like summer has been here for a few months! Enjoy all the special times that summer brings to you. xx Karen


Hi Karen,
I had a quick trip to Sacramento and it was hot. Glad to hear you have a pool to keep you cool. It’s really the only way to enjoy the outdoors in the heat. Thanks for the kind words-enjoy! xx

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