Where Have All the Blondes Gone (and a rainbow of options)?

Where have all the blondes gone and Heather Orr Lindstrom Stylemindchic Life with blonde hair

It happened a couple of weeks ago when I stopped to pick up some hair color at my local CVS store. As I scanned the shelves–looking for that buttery, golden blonde to transform my dingy roots–the blonde shades were missing! I checked another brand and saw an empty space where all the blonde shades should have been. I actually walked around the corner to the next aisle thinking maybe I was in the brunette aisle. Nothing…Nada…zip! I asked the woman restocking the shelves if they had some blonde touch-up color in the back. She echoed my surprise about the complete lack of blonde. She told me that some of the brands were no longer sending any blonde shades–at all. She had definitely noticed the change in trends. Apparently the lack of availability had created a run on blonde hair color in Chico, and my fellow “blondes” were charging around town hoarding the blonde magic-in-a-bottle. I left…empty-handed, except for a new coral shade of lipstick to cheer me up.

It made me wonder…

Where Have all the blondes gone?

I searched my latest copy of Vogue magazine. Thank you Tory Burch, Charlize Theron and Kate Moss for representing the golden blonde shades. Other than those blonde icons, I saw only a handful of blondes in the advertisements. What I did see was a true rainbow of colors not available just a couple of years ago.

Gucci Ad and My style from when I was 10 years old are the same brown coat

I’m not a true blonde, never was. I was born one of those dark-haired, blue-eyed girls, a fine combination-except that I was growing up next to a sparkling, coppery red-head, green-eyed sister-Heidi. Heidi’s hair is just as gorgeous as when we were kids and the compliments still flow. I say Gucci 2015 stole our look from 1970 ;)

College Friends Heather Stylemindchic Life

Back to hair-This was me (far right) with my beautiful college friends. In the early 80’s big hair was in–and it was only going to get bigger as the decade progressed. My brunette locks felt a bit dull during these years. When the-let’s call them ‘translucent hairs’-arrived in droves, the natural progression to blonde started happening for me.

How to Color Your Hair at Home with L'Oreal Paris and Heather Orr Lindstrom Shower with L'Oreal Paris

Let’s face it, the upkeep on blonde is much easier than brunette if you have all those sneaky grays. Over the years I’ve become pretty used to keeping the grays at bay as witnessed by my collaboration with L’Oreal Paris on How to Color Your Hair at Home. Don’t tell on me, but I also highlight my hair at home sometimes. Still, the truth is, hair-color is effort….and it makes me wonder about other options.

Dorie Swanson and Heather Lindstrom Sisters

I can even predict something of what I would look like if I went back to my natural dark shade. My birth sister, Dorie, is a gorgeous brunette! She looks fantastic in this, her natural shade. Brunette is definitely hot right now–with rich, multi-faceted tones—much improved from the flat boxed color of the 1980’s.

Maybe it’s the availability of so many unique shades–green, blue, pink, lavender, platinum, even matte white–that has made blonde a less popular choice. It certainly gives us women, at any age, a range of options.

Allie Evans, a super stylish, you-tube blogger/content creator/actress, as well as family friend, has recently transformed her honey blonde hair to a self-described “white”. In this clip Allie gives some tips on keeping her hair flawless. Doesn’t she look glamorous with this shade?

Do blondes have more fun?

I’m sure it was just a coincidence but I was in a fun phase of life when I started my journey to blonde.  I’m still having a blast with life now that I’m in my 50’s. I also know I would have ‘less fun’ retouching my roots dark every 2 weeks.  Platinum and pure white tones can be so chic and the lack of maintenance sounds really appealing. How about this fun, stylish choice from Jennifer at A Well Styled Life? I absolutely love it!! No matter what my shade ends up becoming, I’m just happy to know there are so many options out there these days.

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How about you?

Do you think you have ‘more fun’ with your current hair color?

Has your hair color morphed over the years like mine has?


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PS-We have just returned from 2 weeks in Riviera Maya! Stay tuned for some sunny escape posts to come!

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Heather, I think you’re fabulous blonde or brunette. I really love the picture of you and your college friends. I didn’t realize that your hair was that dark back then. At one time, I put blonde streaks in my hair, and that was a fun look, but my heart always goes back to being brunette, my natural color. This is such a lovely post, Heather.

love, ~Sheri


Mine has definitely gotten lighter over the years but I love beautiful blonde. I can’t imagine you any other way…so pretty!


Ahhhhh thank you!! xx


I have dark hair, so no chance of me going blonde BUT I have lightened it more over the years with lowlights that seem to enhance my hair colour rather than change it. I think blonde hair is gorgeous if it has that sun-kissed look. It just always looks so fresh even in winter.


And your dark hair is gorgeous, Vannessa! It looks so healthy, shiny and chic. That new profile photo of you is a beauty!


HEATHER! HELLO there, woman! I just hopped on over to my blog and saw that you visited, and oh, what a kind thing to say….and now I read your lovely reply here! YEP, we are always sunshine girls, no matter what hair color! I could tell you stories about my hair….Yes, I am able to handle the red lips with my slightly fair skin and black hair; I learned this from my mother who never, ever wore eye makeup, but only red lipstick and powered and rouge..from a compact. Remember those?

Enjoying the sun? I AM! It has been perfect here, with so much rain, our trees and shrubs are insanely HUGE. Life is good, and kindness shines from you so much my friend.

Much love, Anita


I bet it is gorgeously green around your house right now, Anita! Yes, I do remember those compacts. I still have a modern version-from Urban Decay-for touch-ups here and there. Happy Wednesday my friend!
PS-I meant every word! ;)


I think we Blondes do have a lot of fun! You’re so right about the grays hiding well. Funny enough, I always wanted to be Brunette!
Lets chat very soon. xoxo


Isn’t that funny, Jen? I always wanted straight blond hair…I think almost anything goes these days-especially with better colors and technologies behind them. Talk soon!


Hello there dear Heather! You look wonderful with dark hair back in the 80s!

Well, I was born with a black mop of hair and I still am sporting it, never ever having colored it. Slight grays are coming in the sides, but I am still pretty much brunette all the way. However, as a child playing with my COUSINS who were blonds (on my dad’s side), I always wanted to have their hair. They seemed to HAVE MORE FUN, having lived in a big house in Anaheim (back in the 60s when that portion of OC was affluent!). I associated their blond hair with wealth, beauty and everything good. So I wanted to be blond too. HOWEVER, when I was a kid, I got a hold of a blond wig. Tried it on. OMG. I looked horrible. I just looked like a Mexican with a blond wig! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

SO, I’ve learned to embrace my black hair, wear bright red lipstick and I have my own style. My goodness, I hope you find your gold in a bottle!!! XOXOXOX


I love your story Anita!! ;) Would love to have seen you in that wig–just for fun! We are California girls from way back aren’t we? You are a beautiful brunette and lucky you for being able to keep those grays at bay with your natural shade. YOU have a fabulous style and to wear bright red lipstick (I don’t) is simply so chic. Love it!!!
Have a lovely day my darling friend!

Love to hear from you!