Color Story: ‘Greenery’ Pantone’s Fresh Color of the Year 2017


Greenery: Pantone’s Color of the Year 2017


As a lover of many hues of green, I was excited to glimpse Pantone’s choice for color of the year 2017. Meet ‘Greenery’, a fresh, clean, spring-like green. It speaks to me of renewal and refreshment; just in time for the new year. As opposed to the subtle, muted pastel duo of 2016, this yellow-green is vibrant and bold.





Looking at these refreshing images reminds me that I want my January refrigerator to contain much more of this color than it has for the indulgent holiday season. I’m off to make my ‘greenery’ shopping list!

For more on how to style this colorful shade: Get Fashionable with Greenery

Where to Find Greenery: Best Places to See the Color of the Year


Are you a fan of this shade of green?



Heather Lindstrom

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Hello Heather,
Yes, GREEN is such a beautiful color, and it reminds me of nature, a place I love to be. I hope that this new year will be a bright one for you, and much goodness comes your way. January is one of the coldest months for us Nor Cal gals, so bundle up. : ) Sometimes it’s hard to comment on your page and your blog freezes up on me. You have so many inspiring things to share, but it takes awhile just to get to the comment section. Not sure if it’s something on my end or what, but just wanted to say hello and Happy New Year, Heather! love, ~Sheri


So bright and fresh! Just what I needed on a dreary January day!!! xoxo


I agree with this statement. Green is the color of LIFE and the earth and with all the chaos of the world, I am willing to say that everyone yearns to reconnect with their roots: earth and it’s rejuvenating cycles. What a gorgeous array of GREEN!

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