Dominican Republic Getaway to Paradise at Zoetry Agua Punta Cana

Five days into our Caribbean vacation in the Dominican Republic we found it…..pure bliss. Our journey started with a flight to San Francisco just following a tragic plane crash–cancelled flights and an unplanned evening in Manhattan. Lost luggage and a tropical storm did not deter us from seeking our much needed R and R.

Our first stop was Secrets Royal Beach Punta Cana here.

Smiling staff greeted us, after our 4 adventure-filled days of travel, with a fresh cool cloth, a glass of crisp champagne and a ‘Welcome Home!’ A perfect signature statement for the Secrets/Zoetry/Unlimited Vacations brand. We did indeed feel at home…finally. With a spa day, 24 hour room service and a  tropical storm (that ended up being a sprinkle) we weathered the storm just fine. We were in paradise after all.

Our next stop was the Zoetry Agua Punta Cana here

This intimate, luxury spa retreat boasts just 51 suites. The concierge check in service, again with cool cloths, champagne and ‘Welcome Home’ was the perfect start to our 5 day stay. #tropical paradise

Just a few of the luxuries include free laundry service, daily champagne delivered to your room, 24 hour room service with an extensive menu, 3 times daily maid service, free wifi and unlimited international phone calls (though we did not make use of that service those with little ones at home did). Yoga classes, spa treatments, wellness consultations and healthier fare are all apart of the concept at Zoetry.

Cane thatched roof sanctuaries are the signature statement of this tropical hideaway. It is said that a number of movie stars and high-profile types come here for a completely private getaway, often taking a helicopter right to the beach on property. Rumor has it Cameron Diaz crashed a wedding party, and Beyonce and daughter Blue Ivy recently shared a mini-vacation here, so we fit right in ;).
With 24  hour room service and spacious, spa like suites and balconies, there is almost no reason to leave the privacy of your suite (well maybe a couple of reasons).

Among them, world-class dining in intimate settings is not to be missed.

The lazy river pool winds through the resort with glimpses of private sun beds for napping and lounging.

The sugary sands of the Caribbean are soft and creamy under your feet.

The air is a gentle whisper on your sun-bronzed skin

and yes, it is truly……

paradise found. 

My favorite travel companion/husband, Scott, often shares his take on our travels with Stylemindchic.

Scott’s note:

Moving past the misadventures of our journeys, which make for frustrating moments and unexpected costs, but great stories…  Between the beauty of the beach, being bathed in the moist  tropical, air, the rustic but luxe thatched-roof rooms, and the fact that there were less than 100 all-adult guests, the setting at the Zoetry created an amazing balance between private relaxation and intimacy for Heather and me, and a sense of family connection with the guests and staff alike.  (Staff was great at Secrets, but the pool party scene and crowded resort was not the scene we needed this time.)

A highlight of travel for me has always been the people we meet.  There’s something about vacation time that puts everyone in a chill, happy, friendly mood, and the fabulous conversations and shared experiences add heartfelt memories to incredible travels.  “Where are you from, isn’t this place incredible, what are you drinking?”  This gets it started and leads to ongoing poolside stories–as much or as little as you want to engage in–shared dinners or beverages after dinner, and, this time, Bachata lessons!  The good news, Bachata is an easy step to the right, 1-2-3-4-clap, step to the left, 1-2-3-4 clap.  At least that’s how it starts.  Soon, you are watching the instructor wiggle his butt “gracefully”, and being reminded it’s been a long time since you did a formal dance spin in shoes that stick to the floor.  The solution?  Another rum Sangria! Or maybe even a MamaJuana (Yes, that’s MAMA!) cocktail.

We are grateful to those who made our time there over-the-top good (including my birthday girl, Heather.)  You know who you are!

So… Dominican Republic, we loved you.  You and those at Secrets and  Zoetry made this truly unique in our traveling and resort experiences–something we continue to hang onto days after arriving home.  Okay, so the fact that we still have a few days off helps, but I’m blaming my ever-present smile on the Zoetry.

Aaah… time for another float at sunset and a tall glass of bliss.

If you are seeking a little sun and sizzle or ready to bask in rest and restoration this is your place!

I have some exciting news!!

If you are interested in a memorable vacation at any of the Unlimited Vacation Club brands Zoetry, Secrets, Dreams, Now, Breathless–take a look at Travel Concierge Discounts. As owners in the club Scott and I are able to share our deep discounts with family and friends (if you are reading this, I do consider you a friend of Stylemindchic Life ;).

I hope you’ve enjoyed the glimpse into our Caribbean getaway.

What is your favorite place for a little rest and relaxation?

Have you ever been to the Caribbean?


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Heather Lindstrom

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Hi Heather, We are heading to the DR a week from today, after a 3 day stay in Miami. I’m wondering if you left the Zoetry property and what activities or restaurants you enjoyed? We are staying in a home in PC and would love to go into Santo Domingo….did you make it there? Sounds like a must see excursion according to people we have talked to. If you have suggestions in and around PC I would love to hear them. Thanks, April xo


Both resorts look fabulous. I think I would love them.


What a gorgeous place to visit, you two are so lucky! It seems you had a wonderful time–and what did you guys do in Manhattan, I’m curious!–I so wish I could take a vacation like this, it’s not in the cards right now but maybe someday…Completely unrelated side note: I feel quite certain you MUST have an outfit post from this trip that you can share with us for the “How I Wear My: Casual Party Outfit” post Adrienne and I are working on for Aug. 1. We are accepting pictures through July 31. Think about joining us! XO, Jill


Looks like you had a truly fab time. Never been to DR, but have been to other islands in the Carib. My fav place for R&R would be Maui, BVI or anywhere in the Med ;-)


This is wonderful Heather! Such a fantastic vacation.. all the way down to the champagne. Such a gorgeous spot and looks like a very romantic trip and the video is perfect!! You need to frame that picture of the two of you! :) xxleslie


Good morning darling girl….CALIFORNIA GIRL! You and your hubs really know how to have a good time. You both have a bank of memories that are a treasure already. LOVE YOUR WORLD! Anita

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