In late October Scott and I stole away to Sonoma Valley wine country for the weekend. We’ve been keeping ultra busy with our careers, so a relaxing fall getaway was much anticipated. It’s ‘crush’ season in wine country around this time and you can smell the rich, earthy, tangy scent in the air. Those grapes are giving their all for the cause and we appreciate them.

Inn at Sonoma

For this stay we choose a sentimental favorite from one of our early visits to Sonoma, Inn at Sonoma. The Inn is affiliated with our favorite Zen Suites at Gaige House in Glen Ellen. Following our three-hour drive we checked in and were reminded of the cozy charm and homey touches, like the freshly baked cookies stocked in the copper cookie jar.

Inn at Sonoma

A fireplace in our suite, and a glass of wine, got us immediately in the mood for relaxation. We had a late evening reservation at Harvest Moon Cafe, on the Sonoma Square, which was an easy walk from our hotel.

Harvest Moon Cafe

In seeking pure relaxation I only had my iPhone but snapped a couple of ambient shots from the heated patio. The dishes were fresh with fall harvest cuisine and the service was friendly. Harvest Moon Cafe had a local gem feel to it and we were pleased with our choice for the evening.

Colorful Sonoma Square in Fall

The next morning, following a free, hot breakfast at Inn at Sonoma, we headed out for a stroll around the square. The sun popped out after a night of heavy rain, and the vibrant colors of fall were everywhere.

Sonoma Square Collage

We had plans to meet friends, Dean and Kathryn, so we messaged them to meet us for a light bite at El Dorado Kitchen, which I have written about in a previous post here. We especially enjoy the patio dining at this spot on a sunny day.

Sonoma Valley in crush

We watched the weather reports and ended up cancelling a garden tour my husband had booked early in the week. Instead, in a lucky roll of the dice, Scott ended up making a reservation at the Mayo Family Reserve Room in Kenwood for the ‘ultimate’  seven-course food and wine pairing.

Tasting at Mayo


Scott’s Thoughts:


“Having enjoyed previous tastings at the Mayo Family Winery tasting room in Glen Ellen, we decided it was time to check out the Mayo Reserve Room food and wine pairing in Kenwood. This was one of our first more extravagant tasting experiences, as we usually look for the high quality, low fee tasting rooms, and often share a taste.  (Sharing allows us to safely visit more wineries.)  Our experience featured a blend of service from our very friendly pouring concierge and Chef Clayton Lewis.  While we watched the rain outside, we were served seven wine tastes with seven delectable bites designed to bring out the highlights of each wine.  With each pairing, Chef Lewis came to the table to describe the flavors to watch for as we tasted wine, then food, then wine. The Roussanne with a bacon-flavored madeleine was my favorite taste—a very mild yet interesting white with a finish that completely changed with this pairing (think a hint of bacon in the finish)!  I could see it paired with morning bacon, spicy sausage gravy, or a BLT for a special brunch.  We ended with a Late Harvest Gewurtztraminer and a savory desert, the spices of which beautifully countered the sweetness of the wine.  I’ve never been a fan of the Gewurtz, but this was a completely intriguing taste!  In the end, we took several bottles home, my favorite of which is their Estate Pinot Noir, a big, full red with hints of spice and dark fruit.  The experience was amazing—friendly, educational, a journey of visual and flavor sensations.  Try it, and be inspired to step outside your usual wine routine and create your own taste pairing!”
Mayo Tasting in Kenwood

The food and wine pairing at Mayo was a unique culinary and viticulture experience, as well as an excellent value, at just $35.00 per person. The experience lasted 90 minutes and the staff couldn’t have been warmer or more approachable. We highly recommend Mayo and you can book online on Open Table. Take a look at the website here. Let the rain fall!

Olive and Vine in Glen Ellen

What happened next, for our evening meal, was one of those memorable occasions that deserves it’s own post. Suffice it to say, our evening at Olive & Vine was extraordinary and I look forward to sharing part deux of our trip in my next post.

Update: Click here for post.

Sonoma Getaway Crush

Sunday was a ‘lounging with the paper and hot mugs of steaming coffee’ kind of morning. We enjoyed another filling breakfast on the patio, at Inn at Sonoma, always a nice touch. Somebody got caught with his hand in the cookie jar, again.

Outdoor Living Spaces

We discovered that Williams-Sonoma has reopened at the original location for the brand. Chuck Williams opened the first Williams-Sonoma here in 1956. The new shop has been designed to match the original space. They have also created a ‘rustic luxe’ home collection and outdoor living space. For all of us home decor types, it’s definitely worth a visit. It’s picture perfect.

Williams Sonoma Home

Williams-Sonoma is back in Sonoma!

I wanted just about everything…

and I think you will too.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed this getaway to Sonoma Valley wine country.

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I’ll be sharing our memorable dinner at Olive & Vine in my next post.

xx,Heather Orr Lindstrom Signature

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You look beautiful. South Beach is clearly paying off!


Awwww thank you my friend! ;) xx


You look wonderful and this escape to wine country is such a lovely show and tell! It’s no secret that Sonoma is number one on my list when retirement hits in three years. Thank you for taking me there and showing me the best of places to stay, dine and sip!
My best to you and Scott!


Love it when you stop by sweet Lynne. Thank you for your kind words. Scott and I will take you along anytime. I know you can appreciate a beautiful wine country with where you are from. Retirement? Fabulous! 3 years will go by in a flash and you have some travels to look forward to! Would love to connect in wine country someday!


I’m finally catching up on your blog posts after my holiday. It’s a lovely time of the year for a getaway and I can see that your relaxing visit must have ‘recharged your batteries’ too. It’s the little things that often impress on arrival such as the cookies in the copper jar and it certainly looks very cosy. The food and wine pairing experience seems excellent value too. Breakfast on the patio at this time of year – wonderful! Have a lovely weekend.


Can you believe we will hit close to 80 here today? It’s unusually warm, even for California in November. Today we are celebrating my father-in-laws 90th birthday with a big family reunion at our house so I’m happy the weather will accommodate some outdoor living. It sounds like your holiday was fabulous. Enjoy your weekend Miss B! xx


Hi Heather, I love this post, it’s the little details of what the room is like, and seeing the pictures of the restaurants. It’s very special. The tasting at the winery sounded wonderful. It sounds like the trip was everything you had hoped for, thank you for sharing the details with us. Looking forward to the next post! Have a wonderful weekend. xx Nancy


You would have loved it Nancy! Mayo had an extraordinary food and wine pairing. You are so right, the trip was perfect timing for us. Enjoy your weekend! xx


What a lovely Inn. I bet that was wonderful Heather.


It was definitely charming and cozy, Leigh. Fun to go back to visit this inn are all these years. xx


Heather I cannot think of a better getaway in the Autumn! The setting, the foliage, the wineries, perfect! So glad you had a great time!
The Arts by Karena


Ahhh thank you Karena! It is always so beautiful in wine country in fall. It starts to have a bit of that cozy feel in Northern California around this time. Are you feeling it where you are too?


Good morning Heather! I see your lovely comment here…yes, I do have THE VIBE! Now I just gotta get back to Napa and get my groove back! teeeehe

I LOVED your comment on my post….thank you for coming. I am really interested in this project that you are talking about. I do think that though IMAGINATION is important, especially for younger children, I am learning very quickly that for today’s adolescents, realities are far too poignant for many of them to imagine on the lighter side. But your comment made me really think…I am the type of teacher that encourages REALISTIC dialogue and thought (sometimes, but no often, a kid may lightly cuss in class and he/she will feel embarassed about it and I’ll say, “EN FRANÇAIS!” and they humbly learn that it’s cool to learn another MODE of expression) – and they are learning to write about things that they DON’T like, and WHY. So this project of which you speak sounds like just the right thing. I try to teach them too that if they don’t like a reading that they just finished, that they can write about why they didn’t like it, and to offer specific details WHY – to “justify” their argument. But again, the reality writing sounds empowering. And I think that from that, they just might be able to find their own hopes, dreams and even miracles.

THANK YOU MY FRIEND! Have a super day! Anita


Ohhh my dear friend, we could chat for hours about this very topic. I think you and I are both supporting different ends of the spectrum in education yet they meet in the middle with some very REAL shared experiences. I love that you encourage the realistic dialogue. What a gift you are to your fortunate students. Here’s to more conversation my friend. xx


Good evening BEAUTIFUL Heather! What a dream. This is the perfect fall getaway, because compared to midwest or east coast COLD, this is much sweeter weather. And to taste wine with friends and wax intellectual and analyze, compare and taste…what FUN IS THIS! And you look wonderful. Are you feeling well? I so love how you include Scott in on your post and interview him. What a fun pair you are!

It’s about time for some relaxation for us educators, isn’t it! I can’t wait for our week-long Thanksgiving time then two weeks for Christmas! CHEERS my dear! Anita


Hello Anita-you captured our day with our friends just perfectly! You definitely have the wine country vibe. I hope it isn’t too cold your way yet. Can’t believe it’s November already but it does lead to some good vacation time doesn’t it? ;) Thank you my friend, I am feeling really good. My nightly ‘spa treatments’, while not easy, are really helping me. Love that Oxygen! Stay warm and enjoy the fall colors. xx


It all looks so fun. Let the rain fall, indeed. I’ll definitely book us at Mayo for their 7 course extravaganza next time we are in wine country! I’ve heard great things about the Sonoma Inn. It’s in such a perfect location too. Oh Heather, you make me want to go back right now!!! You and Scott always have such great trips! Enjoy the rest of your week my friend.


Oh yes, Jennifer, I think you would truly enjoy the ‘extravaganza’ at Mayo. It was a very creative culinary/wine pairing and the staff is wonderful as you can see. Be sure to put Olive & Vine on your list too. xx

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