Sun and Swim in San Sebastian Spain

 A suite with a view in San Sebastian, Spain

In direct contrast to the colorful alleys and sun drenched landscapes of southern Spain is the green, Tyrolean flavor of Basque Country of Northern Spain. Scott and I arrived in Bilbao by plane from Sevilla, and were amazed at the verdant green of the hills.  We rented a car and headed to San Sebastian, by the sea. I vacillated on whether to select a hotel more on the outskirts of town, or beach side, on the promenade. In the end we were delighted with our choice of the Hotel Niza, and it’s perfect location, right above the promenade, La Concha Beach and the sea.

Hotel Niza Collage

When we opened the door to our suite our mouths were ajar. Our sun-filled suite, with light and airy furnishings, had two large french windows that opened to a balcony with stone columns, and views of the promenade and the sea.

Hotel Niza San Sebastian, Spain

 The Hotel Niza staff, and handsome Harri (above), welcomed us warmly and did everything to make our stay memorable.

San Sebastian Promenade in summer

It’s impossible to choose between children or favorite spots on a trip, but if forced to decide, I would choose San Sebastian on this summer trip to Portugal and Spain. The seaside beauty, healthy lifestyles, stylish residents and family vibe all appealed to me.

San Sebastian, Spain La Concha Beach

San Sebastian is a chameleon beauty by day…..

San Sebastian at night

and a scintillating temptress by night.

San Sebastian Collage

On our first night we ventured down the promenade, towards the old-town center, and discovered a tapas restaurant, Garagar. The charming Eneko treated us to tapas and conversation, as he shared the rich history of the area with us.


Cafe de la Concha

We dined at Cafe De La Concha, on the promenade near Hotel Niza, a record two days in a row. I enjoyed the tomato, arugula, goat cheese baguette so thoroughly that we returned the next day for my birthday lunch. We both enjoyed the refreshing sangria and the entertaining people watching on the beach.

San Sebastian on Stylemindchic Life Instagram

My favorite Instagram shots from San Sebastian.


A glimpse of the promenade and beach

I enjoyed celebrating my birthday, July 15th, while visiting San Sebastian. I love a little pampering on a special occasion, and Scott treated me to a morning at the La Perla Centro Talaso Spa, a relaxing break from our travels. If you want more from San Sebastian, check out How to Dress European Chic. For more on our summer vacation to Portugal and Spain see Lisbon Getaway, Sunny Beaches of Algarve, Sevilla, Barcelona, a little walk down memory lane in Barcelona and my ‘revealing day spa day in Spain.

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Can you believe how fast the summer is flying by?


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New arrivals from Spain and Portugal here!

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Jennifer was absolutely right, you look so happy. But of course you were, just look at that surroundings. Wow!!! This was a breathtaking vacation. This is one place I haven’t traveled to (yet) but its sure on my bucket list. I do believe it just moved up a few notches on that list. Thank you for sharing this wonderful vacation with us.


Thank you Tina! xx


You visit some of the most beautiful places! I am itching to travel! Btw, the scarves are divine!


Heather so gorgeous!! DOn’t know how I missed this and your lovely photos. This is def on my list to get to. I just loved the beach and the night pictures – wow! Of course you met cute restauranteurs !! You know how to have fun traveling. The food sounds amazing too! xx Kim


Simply gorgeous. I need to be sure we visit. You look completely happy and gorgeous. Vacation agrees with you. Perhaps you should be a travel writer and do it always:)
Just a thought. Happy week my friend. xoxoJennifer


You are so right-vacation does agree with me! A travel writer….I’ve always loved that idea!! xx


Wow this looks AH-MA-ZING! I want to be there now : )

The goat’s cheese and arugula goes to show how something so simple can taste so good.



You are so right Suzanne! Simple and fresh-always the best! xx


I visited San Sebastian when I was a child during a family holiday when we toured France and Spain ( many years ago!!) but I can see that this beautiful seaside town has lost none of its charm and your lovely photos make me want to go back there. Your blue and white room looks so fresh and restful and the Sangria has my mouth watering! Heather, these posts make excellent tour guides – just the kind I like and you seem to visit places which appeal to me!


I’m sure it would be just as beautiful as you remember it to be Miss B. I highly recommend this beautiful place and thank you for the kind compliments!! xx


WOW. My dream is to get there but via the road to Compostello. We need to do it soon before I get too OLD to take the walking tour! This is such a lush area and I believe it’s where my father’s family is from.

That water! Sea green/aqua…memorable!

Hi my friend! Anita


It was quite magical, Anita! That water was incredible….I’m sure your dream will be realized and you will bask in this beautiful place. xx

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