Rooftop Terrace H10 Port Vell

Our getaway to Barcelona was the last stop on our three-week vacation to Portugal and Spain. This was our second time visiting Barcelona, and though our time was short, Scott and I were looking forward to getting better acquainted with this culturally vibrant, sexy city.

H10 Port Vell Barcelona on Stylemindchic lifestyle

We were off to a good start as we arrived at the H10 Port Vell. We were warmly welcomed, with huge smiles and a glass of bubbly, by the handsome staff. Upon arriving at our suite we were happy to see a beautiful view of the harbor, and all the amenities weary travelers could hope for. A hip, modern suite with plush robes, luxury linens, an espresso machine, chocolates, a welcome note and a bottle of champagne.

H10 Port Vell Barcelona

We selected the H10 Port Vell, for several reasons. One is that I am a sucker for a rooftop lounge, especially one with a refreshing pool, like this one. I also love clean, modern furnishings and sleek design. The H10 brand has all the details in place to provide creature comforts to travelers with a fresh twist.

H10 Port Vell Rooftop

With a perfectly appointed suite, a bottle of bubbly and this view from the rooftop lounge, we considered staying ‘in’ for the rest of our holiday, but our adventurous spirit prevailed.

Bubbly at H10 Port Vell Barcelona

Another reason we chose the H10 Port Vell is that it’s located right next door to the Gothic Quarter, Barri Gotic. On our previous visit to Barcelona, in 2006, we discovered Barri Gotic on our last evening. We were enamoured with the seductive labyrinth of walkways, ancient gothic architecture and quintessential tapas bars spilling out into the alley ways.

Barri Gotic Barcelona

This is the perfect place to meander away from the boulevards and lose yourself. Brimming with boutiques, galleries, cafes and tapas bars around every turn, you are certain to find a hidden gem, or several.

Barri Gotic Barcelona

Barri Gotic

We enjoyed Casa Pascual for cafe style tapas and friendly service. The bites and sangria were authentic and it was only steps from our hotel. The location is good for exploring both the harbor and Barri Gotic. On our previous visit we enjoyed an exquisite meal at Comerc 24 where we dined on gold dust, the first, and only, time in our lives (It’s delicious!;).

Barcelona 2006

Viewing the whimsical, organic architecture of Antoni Gaudi is a must in Barcelona. His use of natural forms, like stone and shades of color, with mosaic tiles, is legendary. A Gaudi walking tour from Trip Advisor, a definite must for our next visit to Barcelona here.

Flamenco Barcelona

 Another must see while in Spain is the Flamenco Dance.

Night at Flamenco

Never before, or since, have we witnessed dance that exuded this much fiery passion: sexy, sultry and fluid. It will make you want to get up and dance, I promise. Not a bad way to spend a colorful night on the town in Barcelona.

Barcelona Collage

If afternoons spent lollygagging around on the rooftop lounge, and nights at Flamenco, start to look too ‘glamorous’, I have the flip side of that perspective. Just moments after this photo of Scott and I was taken, at an outdoor tapas restaurant, I adjusted my chair backwards. The chair leg went into the flowerbed and I ended up falling backwards in the chair, flat on my back, with my legs in the air and my skirt over my head! That was way too much ‘information’ for the fellow diners to digest during lunch, and then, I couldn’t stop laughing. Enough said. Travel isn’t always as glamorous as it may appear, but it’s always an adventure!

Scott & Heather Lounge Lizards

And more proof of why a rooftop lounge, with a pool, is one of the best inventions ever. These ‘lounge lizard’ images, taken at the B Hotel during our first stay in Barcelona, July of 2006. This was an unforgettable afternoon of relaxation during another busy travel itinerary.

H10 Port Vell Barcelona

Our three weeks of European travel came to a close and we were ready to be home.

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and How to Dress European Chic

Some of my favorite roof top terraces here.

Writing travel posts is one of my favorite themes of my Style*Mind*Chic Life.

I feel like I’m reliving our travels as I create each post.

Thank you for following along on this ‘sunny escape’ to one of my favorite places.

Have you ever visited beautiful Spain?

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*H10 Port Vell graciously provided an upgraded suite and bottle of champagne to sweeten our stay.

All opinions expressed are my own.

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I LOVED this post Heather! If only it was a week before I totally would have gone to the places you did hehe. There really is something very sexy and so stylish about Barcelona and I really loved the city and actually didn’t realize it was right next to the beach. I thought the port was so beautiful. Your pics from your trip look so fun from the dancing to the story about restaurant chair spill….glad you are okay, but I had to laugh when you said you couldn’t stop laughing. Those things are always best when they happen in foreign countries where nobody knows you hehe. I would definitely visit Barcelona again and love the black dress and your hair style on your trip.



Loved Barthelona! Snaps of you are fabulous, love your wardrobe! and you and hubby! look at that pic of big tummy man behind model girl, how funny, great photos


Heather I have to tell you what wonderful travel posts you write…such interesting photos that capture the essence of the locations. But I’m still laughing over your hilarious story…about the chair tipping over. THAT is something I can see happening to moi. Seriously. Which makes me love you even more hahaha are so fun!


Ahhhh thank you dear Leslie. I appreciate your kind words. I do enjoy writing about our travels. We hit so many interesting spots last summer that I decided to spread the posts out a bit. Writing this post (during the holidays) was a sunny little escape for me. ;) As for the funny stories, and tipping over in chairs, yes-I know you and I both love a good laugh. Cheers to you!
Merry, Merry! xx. Heather


Of course I love your travel posts best…but that shouldn’t be a surprise! Thank you for sharing all of your adventures (both good and bad!) with us. I hope you are enjoying the week – I am calling it the “calm before the storm”. xoxo


‘The calm before the storm!’ is so perfect, Sandy. Today is my last day of work before I’m off for 18 days or so…happy dance! I love your travel posts too ;) !! xx


Great post Heather. We are going on a cruise this summer and Barcelona is one of our stops. Have a great rest of the week.


I’m so excited for you, Katie! Your cruise sounds wonderful. To hit Barcelona sounds like a great itinerary. I’ll be curious to see where else you stop. Definitely visit Barri Gotic (it’s right near the harbor) if you are able. Merry, Merry!! xx



So sweet of you to stop by to leave a word! ANd yes, I must get over to the country of my roots! YIKES! My father would have been proud to see me go there….

Oh, so much excitement here because starting today, it’s just finals. Then two weeks OFF! OH!

Enjoy all the magic my dear friend. Anita


Oh yes, Anita! Here’s to two glorious weeks off!! Enjoy every moment of your holidays sweet friend! xx


Great photos. I think Spain is my next trip overseas. It looks beautiful!


I think it’s a wonderful idea, Jen! You will appreciate the beauty and vibe of the culture. As you can see we enjoyed ourselves tremendously! ;)


Good evening Heather! OAHHHHHH what a city. Before I kick the bucket, I must visit the land of my father’s ancestors. I ‘ve never been, but I must go. What a glorious and warm place! CHEERS to you and Scott! Anita


I hope you are staying warm and cozy with all the snow, Anita. A few more days and the holidays will arrive here (vacation time!). You will fall in love with Barcelona and it’s a must with your family history. Perfect word: glorious!
Merry, merry xx, Heather

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