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The Sunny Beaches of Algarve, Portugal and colorful umbrellas on Portugal Beach
The sunny beaches of Algarve, Portugal on Stylemindchic Lifestyle


In my series of ‘Summer Travel to Portugal and Spain’, Scott and I started off in Lisbon and are making our way south to the sunny beaches of Algarve, Portugal. We found this area to be the quintessential ‘sunny escape’ and a great balance to our time in the bustling city of Lisbon. During our four-hour drive on the A2 toll road, we lunched at a surprisingly gourmet road stop cafe (including hot dishes, salads, freshly baked desserts and even wines for sale). We’ve found Portugal, Spain and France to be plentiful in this convenience while driving.

Oura View Beach Club

Scott and I checked into the Oura View Beach Club, and were treated to a pool and ocean view suite by the lovely Margarita. For a moment I was unsure if I wanted to be so near the action. It turned out to be a perfect location for our spacious apartment, with terrace, sun loungers and a gate to the pool and beach below.

Dining on the Beach

After settling in, we headed past the pool to the beach-side restaurant, where we were warmly welcomed by Pedro and friends. We delighted in the freshest of fish dishes, batatas (potatoes, a Portuguese staple), and yes, more sangria. The beach was perfect for walks and sunset views. We found ourselves drawn to beach each evening.

Sunny Beaches of Algarve

The beaches of the Algarve have always intrigued us, and having a rental car was a must for exploring. The next morning we headed west, to the most unspoiled beaches.  We lunched in Portimao under the colorful umbrellas and played with the pastel scooters.

Day Tripping in Algarve

We made our way through small beach towns, Lagos, Lagoa, all the way to Sagres (the farthest southwest tip of Portugal). We stopped in Silves, a picturesque hill town off the beaten path, on our way back to Albufeira. I marveled at the beauty of this outdoor terrace (lower right) at a private residence, while Scott had a little trouble getting along with the locals.;)

Coral Dress Heather Lindstrom Beach in Algarve

We dressed for dinner and I couldn’t resist playing on the beach during sunset. It never fails, give me a barefoot sunset on the beach and I’m at my happiest. Scott snapped a number of shots, somehow I didn’t feel my usual awkwardness, even though onlookers from the beach and restaurants were in view. Must have been because I was in ‘my happy place’ (or it was the sangria?). The scene was beautiful…..for just a moment I forgot my age (on the verge of 53) and went with the moment. When was the last time you lost yourself in a moment?

Heather Lindstrom Coral Dress on Beach Collage

 This coral dress is the most comfortable thing I own and my new favorite-can you tell?

Faro, Portugal CollageThe next day we drove east to Faro with its pastel buildings, iron balconies, delicious cafes, and wandered the streets of this historic, picturesque town.

Church at Amancil, Portugal

If you ever find yourself in the Algarve be sure to stop in the tiny hamlet of Almancil, to view the Church of Sao Lourenco, one of the few to survive the massive earthquake of 1755. The interior is completely tiled in royal blue and white azulejo tiles, depicting the story of Sao Lourenco, and embellished with rich gold trims. The entire front of the church and alter are covered in gold in this surprisingly ornate, exquisite place.

On our final night in the Algarve, Pedro treated us to another fresh and fun-filled dinner beach-side, and we left the following morning to catch a travel bus to the romantic Sevilla, Spain.

Thank you for following my series of ‘Summer Travel to Portugal and Spain’.

Next stop will be the glorious Sevilla, Spain.

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I really enjoyed seeing all of the places that you visited while in Portugal.


Heather, Wow, what a beautiful area. I love all the little stops and the beaches. I think that combo of beaches and charming towns is my favorite for travel. Thanks for sharing all of this because I know nothing about Portugal. It’s on my list now! What a gorgeous dress on you too. Looks like you really had a great escape. I can’t wait to read more! xx Kim


Thank you darling friend! I know you are a traveler at heart like I am. I think you would love Portugal and Spain-each uniquely beautiful!xx


I want to do an I Dream of Jeannie, snap my fingers and appear on these shores of Portugal.


Good morning Heather! HOW FUN!!!!!!!! Now tell me, are you back to school in August like me? School is starting so much earlier this year for a lot of districts, but you have taken in the summer by storm and have really enjoyed your travels. Portugal, what a place! And I’d be drawn to the ocean every day and night too….Oh you are so lovely in that pink gown! HUGS, Anita


Oh yes Anita. I go back to my four days a week on Thursday. It’s been fantastic to have six weeks off so I’m preparing myself for the readjustment. The escape and adventure of a trip certainly helps refresh and restore. Thank you for following along. When do you go back? xx


Lovely .I’m a native of Portugal enjoyed seeing and reading your vacation sights.


Thank you for your kind comment, Fatima. I’m so happy to hear that you are enjoying my posts on your beautiful country. xx


FABULOUS post- You captured some magic here my dear girl! You and Scottie have some wonderful adventures!! To Be Cont. for sure!! LOVE the sharing of your travels! Thank UUUU KK


Ahhh thank you dear KK! There are always moments of magic on the beach I think…especially at sunset. Thank you for following us my darling friend.xx


Beautiful photos as always. I was also impressed by the truck stops in France and Italy. Much nicer than our Canadian ones!


They are kind of amazing aren’t they? I’m also remembering the espresso bar and beautiful gift shop at the rest stop. Ingenious!


I loved seeing these. It has been too long since I was last in Portugal. Seeing this reminded me of that.

Plus going back would erase the bad memories I had of being run off the road while driving a scooter and winding up in hospital and then the renters of the scooters refusing to give back my passport. Yeah…it was pretty eventful, but seeing your beautiful serene photos takes me back to all the good memories.

Looks like you had a marvellous time.



What a harrowing experience for you Suzanne. Those kinds of memories can certainly put us off visiting a place. We did find this part of Portugal to be peaceful and relaxing. Thanks for following along with us.


Wow! What beautiful spots. I wanna go!
That coral dress is beautiful on you…hot stuff!
Thanks for sharing your wonderful vacation with us!


Thank you A! You and Bill would love it. Seville and San Sebastian were our favorites on this trip. Thanks for joining us on a virtual tour. xx

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