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As she arrived at our house for a party, my stepdaughter, Briana, grabbed my arm and said, “We need to get a picture of this!”.  She was wearing the bracelet I had made for her and the ring we had created for her. I was wearing the coin ring my sister, Dorie, and a bracelet from my blog friend, Tamera Beardsley. I love this image! It reminds me of how much fun we had that day, hosting her Grandfather’s 90th birthday party and a family reunion together. It also goes to show that stepmoms and stepdaughters can share similar style. What goes around comes around…and therein lies the fine art of generosity.

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Generosity has been on my mind this week. I spent a couple of days helping with styling for Upgraded Living Magazine and the annual makeover edition. Claudia and the stylish staff at Mecca Salon spent the day generously primping and pampering a makeover nominee. At Montana Blues, Kathi Balasek donated an entire outfit to the deserving young woman she styled. These Chico business women, and all the others who participated, are the definition of generous in our community.

The San Sebastian Sea Collection

Two weeks ago I had the fun of sharing a giveaway from my here on my blog. Dale Janee generously offered to add one of her Savvy Sleepers to the giveaway. As I was publishing the post on my giveaway, I received a message from Sandy at ‘You May Be Wandering‘ that I had won her giveaway of a luxury EMME travel bag! In the end, Nicole won my giveaway on rafflecopter, and combined my gift card and her cash to purchase a pendant necklace that Scott and I handcrafted from stones we found in Spain (where Dale was traveling just last weekend!). It’s really a small world in blogging sometimes, isn’t it?

Table scape at Mike and Mel's

Last week we spent a decadent evening with dear friends. Mike and Mel hosted a gourmet dinner, complete with luxe tablescape, individual menus, gourmet courses prepared by ‘chef’ Mike, and all the finest details. When we asked what we could bring they said “Nothing but yourselves!” (maybe a bottle of prosecco). We enjoyed meaningful conversation, laughter and the fine art of generosity in friendship.

ATC Program Collage

My favorite work day each year falls on the  ‘Winter Feast’ event, hosted by our Adult Transition Program, where I am fortunate to serve as the School Psychologist.  It’s such a joy to see their happy faces decorating the classrooms, cooking and baking, and later serving a hearty meal and performing for their families, board members, administrators and community partners. Generosity is alive and well in the hearts of our inspiring students and their dedicated teachers.

Stylemindchic Lifestyle Holidays

As of today I’m off work for the next two weeks and I couldn’t be more excited! I think the best way to kick off our holiday vacation is with a party to celebrate my hard-working teams. We will be making some merry at our house tonight! It’s my small way of giving back to my teachers, clinicians and administrators, who are so generous with the students and their families.

Generosity is not about big spending or extravagant gestures. Most simply it comes from a desire to share with others from a generous heart. I see the fine art being practiced in life, and in our blogging community, on a daily basis and I’m touched by that. I sometimes see a lack of generosity and I think it’s unfortunate, perhaps a missed opportunity for doing good for others and ourselves. When in doubt, I hope to always fall on the side of giving, and I can imagine you feel the same. Let’s continue to share and support each other, in life and in blogging, by practicing this fine art. In the end, what goes around comes around, and I hope it’s an unbreakable chain of generosity, especially during the holiday season.

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Are you practicing the fine art of generosity during the holidays or

have you felt the lack of generosity?

Have you seen its beauty in action like I have?

Merry, merry!


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Heather Lindstrom

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The first image is so lovely. In fact the whole post was perfect for this time of year. I hope you enjoy your time off. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas. Happy New Year too!


I love the concept of this post…and not only the concept of generosity, but the sincere nature in which you live life. Full of love – giving & receiving. So grateful for you my friend! xoxo


What wonderful sentiment in this post.

Wishing you and yours all the very best this holiday season. Have a wonderful 2 weeks off.



I just loved this post!! What goes around comes around. You give so much to so many my friend. Wishing you a fabulous Merry Christmas and a wonderful rest from work.


I so appreciate your kindness, Jen! I am enjoying every moment of my time off. I’m feeling a bit ahead of the game for the holidays which feels amazing for a change. Wishing you a merry holiday with your sweet grandson! xx


Heather, Lovely post and I couldn’t agree more. I feel so fortunate to have met other bloggers who have been kind and generous and I do try to be mindful of doing the same back. I really do believe in that what we do comes back to us, especially at this time of year.

Heather you are so good to do the work you do and how nice you had this holiday celebration. I hope your 2 weeks are long and fun!
So glad we met this year! Merry Christmas.xx Kim


I so agree with your thoughts, Kim. You are a generous and kind member of the blog community and I’m so grateful that we’ve met this year, on the blog and in person. Wishing you a wonderful holiday with your boys. I know you’ll make it super special!
Merry, merry! xx


Such a beautiful sentimental post. Have a wonderful holiday, sweet Heather!


Hi Katie, Thank you and I’m glad to hear you enjoyed my post. I’m seeing so much generosity being shared this season. It definitely warms my heart, and makes up for the lack of generosity that I try not to see in life. Merry, merry to you and your wonderful family!


Such a lovely post Heather. I certainly have found so much love and generosity in blogland (something I had never imagined).
Continue enjoying every minute you have with your family xx


Ahhh thank you, dear Vanessa. It’s good to hear how positive your experiences have been in blog world. I’m loving that I could be in Barri Gotic, Barcelona, and get your twitter recommendation on churros and chocolate. What a fun, international connection. Wishing you a lovely holiday, my friend. xx


Love the post, Heather. Isn’t having these two weeks awesome…they always come at just the right time. Enjoy your Christmas and New Year’s…I hope you have abundant joyful blessings.


Yes, Pam! Having our well-deserved holiday weeks off is the absolute best! Cheers to you and all your hard work on behalf of your students. Enjoy every sparkling moment of your holidays and time away. So happy we’ve connected in blog world!


What a cool picture this is of all the arms and bracelets and rings. Such fun times you are having at school. Your tree is decorated beautifully, and I am lovin’ those red roses. It’s very busy around here right now with all the family coming in, but I wanted to wish you the merriest of Christmases, Heather. May peace be with you today and always.



Thank you dear Sheri! We will be in your ‘neck of the woods’, briefly, over Christmas…would love time to connect. Hopefully sometime when we are not in the holiday rush! You are a darling friend! Merry, merry! xx


Love this post. Believe in paying it forward and paying it back. Enjoy your time off!


I know you do, Jen. That’s one of the reasons I love following your blog-you are so authentic and genuine. Enjoy every moment of your holidays, my dear. Merry! Merry! xx


Good morning my dear Heather,

There is such a rich expression of beauty here that I connect with. On January 1, 2015, it will be my seventh year of blogging. Generosity is the one word that comes to mind when I think of the experience I’ve had in it. The generosity of strangers so faithful to this day leaving kind comments, sending gifts, treating me like a sister. The generosity of the muses to keep me creating when I don’t feel like it, and the transformation in MY HEART to reciprocate.

What a fun and thrilling day you had with your loved ones! And you are styling for a magazine???? Well I too got a fun surprise in the mail the other day. I am featured in a gorgeous German magazine for parents called Kidslife; beautiful Martina is the editor and she generously wrote up an article on me and my home and art, using my photos. So many lovely moments in Blogland and beyond.

Wishing you a fabulous holiday; this Saturday morning, I am starting my blissful TWO WEEK VACATION and I even finished all my grading yesterday!



I am thrilled for you, dear Anita. The article in the magazine sounds gorgeous. Please, oh please, share links on your blog. I would love to sneak a peek of all the beauty! Enjoy every moment of your two weeks my darling friend. Merry, Merry! xx

Love to have you join the conversation!