Balcony in Faro

There is nothing quite like travel to bring on the inspiration in my mind. Being surrounded by fresh sights, sounds, smells, tastes and the rhythm of a yet-to-be-explored destination definitely gets the creative juices flowing. On our recent visit to Spain and Portugal, Scott and I were captivated by the cultural riches of patterns, textures and colors of Iberia.

Iron Work on Stylemindchic

There was something about the intricate ironwork

Balconies of Iberia

Iron Work collage

Textures of Iberia

and decorative elements….fringes, golden hues and shine.

Colors of Iberia

 The bold and brilliant colors surrounding us caught our eye……..

Contrasts in Spain

as did the juxtaposition of worn graffiti splashes and the sleek, high shine of the Guggenheim in Bilbao.

The Sea in San Sebastian

 And for me, the seaside — always the sea — truly the best source of inspiration.

I am happy to announce that this creative inspiration became the driving force behind

our first joint venture for my Stylemindchic Boutique!

Limited Edition Collection on Stylemindchic

Introducing the Stylemindchic Boutique – Limited Edition Jewelry Collection –

San Sebastian Sea

inspired by Spain and Portugal

Handcrafted by Scott and Heather Lindstrom from stones, beads, elements and vintage adornments collected from our travels.

(This is my vibe….and I hope you like it!)

San Sebastian Sea on Stylemindchic

Our family history with jewelry making

Scott’s father, Dean, was an aerospace engineer by day and a jewelry making enthusiast by night. Over the years Dean and Margie traveled the world and collected beautiful gems to craft into priceless pieces of jewelry. Dean sold many of his creations but his favorite muse, and receiver of his jewelry, was his bride of 64 years, Margie. Dean is still with us, but has retired his jewelry-making hobby. Scott was gifted the tools from his dad. We look forward to carrying on the tradition, just as we do some of the other traditions, like travel……..and dancing.

Dancing Couples

Please visit our new Limited Edition Collection at Stylemindchic Boutique.

Introducing FREE SHIPPING on all purchases in the United States!

See more of our inspiration from San Sebastian and Euro Chic Style.

Stylemindchic Lifestyle Logo

This post feels so personal-sharing glimpses of our travels, family life and new creations with the world.

I’m excited to hit publish, and yet a little nervous, do you ever feel that way?

Where do you find your creative inspiration?


Heather Orr Lindstrom Signature


Heather Lindstrom

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Thanks for sharing this very personal new journey with us. I love the story of it’s inception and your poignant pictures speak more than words. Dancing and traveling are great mortar for the bricks of a good marriage.
May God bless this venture.
Donna~Faded Vlevet

p.s. and yes, it is often very hard to hit “publish” and put yourself out there for the world to see. You are not alone. I pray before I publish anything (doesn’t make it easier to do though).


Absolutely stunning … the title of the collection, the colors, the design, the couples, the passion.
Much continued success to all of you, lovely.


How romantic to make jewelry together and such beautiful jewelry at that! Congratulations on your new venture!


This project is such a change of pace from our real careers that we are having fun with the creativity (and the reminders of our travels). Thanks! xx


Congratulations on this new venture, Heather! I love that you are doing it with Scott and sharing finds from your travels together! I love it all! xoxo


You hit the nail on the head Sandy! The fact that it’s centered on our travels is what makes it very special for us. xx


These are gorgeous! I love the colors and how very special to be continuing the family tradition!! You two are quite the dancers too! These will be such fabulous keepsakes to remind you of your amazing travels. Wishing you great success my friend.


Thanks Jen! It feels like blogging and the boutique have been my only creative outlets for a few years so this is fun. I think the family history piece is what makes it fun for Scott. Anything that reminds us of our travels is a good thing. ;) xx


Heather very exciting! Love the gorgeous colors of these stones and the pretty chains!! So excited for you guys. xx Kim


We had so much fun working together on this project. Thank goodness Scott is super mechanical. These colors of the sea just speak to me and they always have. Thanks for stopping by! xx


Oh my friend, this is so special!!!!!!! Thede are gems with such a great duel history of their origins and then vestiges of your trsvels. Also, I love how scotts dad gifted his wife such beautiful jewels from his hands. Much love!!


Thank you Anita! You captured my feelings about this project completely. Weaving our travels, the beautiful stones and collections and the history with Scott’s parents is special. The colors of the sea….always my happy place. Happy fall dear friend! xx


Very pretty. And what a fun thing to do together!


This is the first time we’ve ever done this type of project together. The stones and colors were just so inspiring. Thank you Jen! xx




How exciting! You are up and running in the jewelry making! Beautiful pieces. I truly love that it is a handed down craft. What adorable pictures of Scott’s mom & dad and you two. Lovely. PS love the colors of the collection!


It was so enjoyable to spend some creative time together. I’m just glad is so good at the mechanical elements. I’m glad you like the pieces, they hold such meaning from our travels. PS-the wedding looked like so much fun! xx


So very exciting Heather! The pieces you have shown are gorgeous. I love the sliced agate!
The Arts by Karena


The ‘summer slice’ is so pretty, I agree. Thank you Karen! Coming from you, a true artist, I value your opinion. Happy fall! xx

Love to hear from you!