Style Guide: Doreen Creede [Style Maniac + Brand Ambassador]



Style Guide: Doreen Creede of Style Maniac


Favorite Style Icons?

The women in my family.  My grandmothers, who could not have been more different.  Jean was glamorous, well-read and the life of any party; Lydia was hard-working, would do anything for her family and was an incredible “seamstress” (her description; I’d say couture clothing designer).  My mom, who is always put together, whether gardening, golfing or getting ready for an operation.  Seriously, she is about to have a hip replacement and will make sure she has her nails and hair done before surgery.




Image Kevin Creede

In their own ways, each of these women taught me that style is about much more than looks.  It is about how you express – and respect — yourself.



Doreen with her mom, Lorraine (image John Naughton).


Favorite Brands?

Labels are not important to me – I buy purely what I love.  I tend toward simple silhouettes, mostly black, and then add drama with bold and colorful accessories, which are often vintage, picked up in my travels or made by designer friends.


Two of those friends are the duo behind REALM Fine + Fashion Jewelry, for which I am a Brand Ambassador.  I love both the affordable glamor of the collection and my friends’ commitment to supporting other women in achieving their dreams.  Or as they say: “Reign Thoughtfully.”



Image Alb4 Phliadelphia

Favorite Beauty products?

My cosmetic collection is pretty small – an edited selection of products that really work.  Everyday faves:  MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation (it has a plush texture and leaves a nice subtle glow), Jill Kirsh’s eye shadow palette (makes eyes pop!) and Revlon Colorstay Mineral Glaze Lipgloss (a long-wearing lush gloss that actually stays on without drying out lips).


That Mineral Glaze is getting hard to find, so I’m starting a quest (and blog series) on the search for the perfect lipstick.  Suggestions, anyone??


Image Alb4 Philadelphia


Ligne St. Barth Vanille West Indies.  I would describe it as smelling like luscious vanilla, but a lot of people say it smells like sugar cookies or brownies.  Not a bad thing.



Image Alb4 Philadelphia


Self-care/ Wellness tips?

Drink lots of water.


What 3 things do you value most in your life?

The people in it.  Creativity.  Curiosity.



Image Alb4 Philadelphia


If you could play any fashionable or popular personality for the day who would it be? Why?

Honestly, right now … no one.  But I would like a few of their TV and book deals!


What would be your must-have item of choice on a desert island?

My husband!



Doreen with her husband, Kevin.


And a suitcase filled with books, blank notebooks, a pen that would never run dry, sunscreen, a big hat, bug spray.  Can I bring a computer and power source too?  Pasta and the means to cook it? Wine and water?   As you can tell, castaway camping is really not my thing ….



What advice would you give your 21-year-old self?

“Wear the hat.”

Although I’m comfortable with my own sense of style, I have had moments when I thought, “Hmmm, if I wear this, what will people think?”  Now I know:  people will think it’s fabulous.  And if they don’t, then why care about their opinion anyway?



 Image: Floyd Dean for Society Magazine


What is your favorite thing about being your current age?

My mom taught me a great lesson:  love every decade of your life because it brings something new and wonderful.  Of course, life has its challenges.  But I wouldn’t want to go back in time.  I’m more interested in looking forward at what’s next, what’s new, what else I could do.


What is your secret for staying ageless?

Stay curious.  Be open to learning new things and meeting new people. Keep your sense of humor.  Never think you’re too old to take a risk, whether in fashion or work.  Go ahead:  wear the crazy cocktail ring, cry at the sappy commercial, kick off your shoes and dance around the kitchen.



Image Kevin Creede

What is your dream destination?

I’ve long been searching for the perfect beach town –clear aqua water, white sugar sand, no high rises or fast food restaurants, a charming downtown with unique boutiques and bistros with great food, sunshine, mild weather … and affordable housing.  Yeah, that last one’s the kicker.  I’ve told many a friend my plan and they all say: “When you find this paradise, let us know and we’ll join you!”




What is your hottest style tip?

Be yourself.



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Doreen was one of the first bloggers I connected with, shortly after starting my blog. Her style, warmth, love of family and fun is an inspiration. Love the advice from Doreen’s mom to enjoy each decade and from Doreen, to just be yourself.

Thank you for sharing your stylish tips with us, Doreen.

Let us know when you find that perfect beach front locale!



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What a fun interview! I love that cape she is wearing. I’m going to test that perfume. I’m always on the hunt for a new fragrance.


Love the intro on this “Lydia was hard-working, would do anything for her family and was an incredible “seamstress” (her description; I’d say couture clothing designer).
My mom, who is always put together, whether gardening, golfing or getting ready for an operation. Seriously, she is about to have a hip replacement and will make sure she has her nails and hair done before surgery.”
My mother was the gardener and the seamstress and the old pioneer woman doing making at every moment very beautiful when she was young, but never worried about her skin and hair too much.
I love seeing one particular woman in her late seventies at the coffee shop who is so elegant and not a hair out of place and her daughter says she loves getting ready to go out anywhere.
I have become a terrible slob since I’ve been working from home, always dressed in what my daughter calls, camping pants. Must make more effort!!


Jody, I just popped over to your blog and you certainly approach aging with grace and humor. Very witty, even in the face of frustrating medical contradictions. Hope things clear up for you soon.

Trust me, there are many days when I’m in my home office writing in polar plush pjs and no makeup!

Your mom sounds amazing — “pioneer woman” — I love that. We are lucky to have such women in our lives.


Let’s hear it for the almost-50 crowd! Thanks for the sweet comment, Jane. I popped over to your blog — love the name! — and found that we are both gardening right now. Looking forward to exploring more on your site. Happy that the wonderful Heather provided the connection. xoxo


Beautiful blogging community here and I loved the interview format Heather!!! You always inspire! Thanks so much for your journey into Blog land! You certainly have enriched my life with yours and all the great connections!!! Keep me posted on the beach paradise and the LIPSTICK finds!!!!! Best! Kathryn K


Heather, great interview and stunning woman!


You are so kind, Katie — thank you! So fun all the connections here –we seem to have a boyfriend in common, plus a love of sweet potato vine and red geraniums. Here’s to gardens, movie stars, and new blog friends!


Gorgeous. And I love her short answer: BE YOURSELF.

She is gorgeous and is blessed with good skin, great features….we all have something to sparkle to the world, and the women in my life who influenced me in my life varied from fashion plates (my two aunts) and my mother, who as well was a great seamstress and most of all, was brave and kind to the very end.


You have been graced incredible women in your family and they do shine through you, Anita. If we take Doreen’s advice to be ourselves we really can’t go wrong. It is so simple, yet so profound. That is a good note to start my work week off with–how about you, beautiful friend?


Anita, thank you for the lovely compliments, you are very sweet. How interesting that we have both fashion plates and seamstresses in our families. Your mom sounds like an amazing person. Your own work is quite amazing — following you now on Instagram and loving the combination of photos and poetry.


I just love this interview, Heather. It’s such a pleasure to hear the viewpoint of wonderful, successful and soulful women our age. Enlightening and inspiring…why I love your blog so!



Music to my ears this morning, Jane. Thank you! I have so many incredible, inspiring women, like yourself, on my blogroll. It is such fun to introduce you all and share the inspirations.


Hey, I just saw a mention of me. I got ahead of myself (as usual), posted my comment, then read through the others. I love having EAST to WEST amazing women to follow along in life! The best influences ever. You women have no idea what you’ve done to help raise my confidence. I will always carry you in my heart. xoxo


East, West, South — what a wonderful connection of friends! It is all because of you, Shelly, that Heather and I got to know each other. I am truly grateful to have you both in my life.


I just got a little chill reading this conversation between two of my favorite women in blogland, Shelly and Doreen. From the get-go I was so impressed with, not only your amazing senses of style on your blogs, but your kind hearts. To hear that I have helped in boosting confidence means the world to me, it truly does. Thank you, Shelly. You have done the same for me!!
You have both supported and encouraged me through this blog journey of 4+ years. There was a time, early on, when Shelly was MY ONLY blog follower and yet she kept checking in with kind comments and care. As they say, “birds of a feather” flock together. This is the beautiful thing about blogging, making connections across the country and around the world. Here’s to our East/West/South connection and meeting up someday. I feel the same-pure gratitude! xx


Oh, what a wonderful interview/post! You get to learn so many fun and informative ideas from a favorite!! Thank you, Heather! It’s so awesome to have 2 of my favorites in one spot!! You both of uniquely beautiful styles, and I love both! What a pleasure! xoxo


Shelly dear, It is ALWAYS a treat to have you visit. I just knew you would enjoy the Style Guide with Doreen! I thought of you when I was putting the post together. I’m just sure I discovered Style Maniac through your beautiful “Lush” blog. I found your comments with each other to be so warm and supportive, PLUS you both have fabulous style!!! :)


This was so fun! I want to know when she finds that beach town too!! It was great to be introduced to Doreen like this. I love her wisdoms and thoughts on style. I’m with her on the desert island list :). Hope all is well and things are calming down after the fire.
xxx Jennifer


Jennifer, love YOUR philosophy on life and style! I think our growing beach paradise community would be filled with fashion and fun. Thanks for the sweet comment.


Agreed!!! So happy that you two have met! Cheers!


Heather, it is an honor and delight to be featured in your Style Guide! From the moment we first connected through our blogs I felt I had found a like-minded friend, sharing a zest for life, fashion, travel, love of family — and beach escapes! Your sunny outlook, honesty and caring come through in every post and always brighten my day. Yet you always keep it real.

Given all that you have been through this week, it’s incredible that you still shared this — I imagine you must have quite a bit going on. Hugs to you and so grateful that you and your family are safe.

p.s. when I find that beach paradise, you’ll be the first to know!

Much love, Doreen aka Style Maniac


This is such a fantastic interview, Doreen! Your vibe is always so fresh and fun. I found your blog just after launching Style*Mind*Chic Life. I believe we are both mutual blog friends with lovely Shelly Gregory. I could totally relate to the focus of your blog, right down to the pops of yellow and animal print we both shared. Even the titles of our blogs are somewhat similar. Keeping it real–that is essential. Thanks for sharing your style inspiration here and for the blog love. I’m just sure we will meet in person someday!
xx, Heather

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