The Fine Art of Diving Into a New Year


Diving into a New Year


As much as I love all the festivities and merriment of the holiday season, I deeply appreciate the clearer calendar, uncluttered living spaces and healthy start of diving into a new year.


Do you feel like January is the calm after the storm???

Like most of us, our holidays were filled with friends and family–festive and fun. We hosted, we traveled, we partied and we indulged. Now I’m craving fresh, healthy foods, regular exercise, proper rest and a more health-focused lifestyle for the new year.

I’m more about a theme and a focus for the new year than a list of resolutions. I am also a firm believer that sometimes the only true resolution is this.


They say writing things down will help us keep our focus so this is some of what I’m up to for the new year.


I am scheduling 3 weekly yoga sessions in my calendar as a commitment to myself.

I am keeping up with the monthly massages that I started last spring.

I am eating more fresh veggies and less carbs–being more purposeful about my nutritional choices.

I have booked a sunny escape for next month to beat the welcomed, yet rainy days of El Nino.

I am keeping my ‘booty where it belongs‘.


My theme for 2016:




2016 is about diving into new challenges and creating new dreams. I am excited about the possibilities.  Trust me, there will be more to come on this topic in the coming months. First step: I’m spending some time on reflection to start the new year.


I can get behind these Zen Habits for an Awesome 2016.

I found this post by my blog friend, Leslie of Gwen Moss, to be especially inspiring for the new year.

This list of healthy juices and smoothies sounds like the right balance from Spa Finder blog.

Looking for a sunny escape at a discount?

I’d love to be your travel concierge for a beach getaway here.


What is your theme for the new year?

 Are you in the mood to shake things up this year like I am?




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Heather Lindstrom

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Happy New Year Heather! Hope you are having a great month so far xx


Hi Heather,
well from reading this, I’d say I have at least three extremely interesting posts from you coming: clarity – the word suggests there exists a bit of fuzzy wool around the lens of something, what is this Miss Heather? Change – hmm, that’s a fabulous word, I find myself embracing it these days over ‘stability’ and would love to hear your take on where this word could take you in 2016. Finally, WHAT are you working on for travel? I loved your post on travel tips, the links to uber, open table, Dub, — awesome. If more of the same is coming, omg we’ll never have to buy another travel guide. xx Nancy


Loved reading this Heather and your pictures make me want to take a tropical February getaway hehe. I know what you mean how January feels calmer and I couldn’t agree more with you about the Yoga…I love Pilates, but they’re pretty similar and it is such a calming exercise. 3 x a week is a lot too!!

Can’t wait to follow your adventures this year and meet up in Chico more often too. :)



Oh and by the way, love the monthly massages…so good for the body and the soul! What a great treat. I let my monthly spa membership lapse and have been thinking about renewing it. Your post just reminded me that I I probably should.!


My word of the year is “Journey”. I did an entire post about it. I have a lot of personal events i 2016 so for me this year is all about what I can take away from life’s events, the good and the bad.


Wish I was diving into the new year pool sporting a bum like that! LOL, instead its all about the cover up…acceptance is the key! I had just had to buy a new pair of ski pants, do I accept the one size up or fight it???


I totally agree!! I recently realized I have a beach vacation scheduled in one month. I have cut out carbs to help me manage the post holiday bloat. Thank goodness for a sarong! ;)


Happy New Year, Heather!! I hope your year goes swimmingly (pun intended) and that you have a beautiful weekend! xoxo


Hehehehe! Well said, Sandy. Same to you! xx


A great post for the new year! I just found your blog…happy to find some new reading material!


Pleased to meet you! I enjoyed a sneak peek of your blog today and look forward to following.
Cheers! xx


Heather you’re such a sweetheart–thank you for the little shout out. And I’m really excited to hear more about the ‘clarity’ and ‘changes’ you’ve got planned too. I loved reading your inspiration…especially the post about it being “enough”…God I could relate to your feelings in that post. I can’t remember the last time I got my Christmas cards out by the way. Every year I plan on getting my act together but somehow…hahaha oh well. Wishing you a Happy 2016 filled with love and good health and an abundance of creativity!


Thanks so much, Leslie. We did enjoy a wonderful holiday with our families. We were not far from Sacramento, in Lincoln, for a belated Christmas with my family.
I feel the same, I just know our paths will cross someday. Looking forward to it!


Dearest Heather! HELLO! Well my dear, did you start school yet? This was my first day back, and though I did NOT declare any resolutions outloud, I think that internally, I knew I wanted to go back to school a changed person. I think I’m off to a good start….I just want this year to be one of clarity as well, decluttered of mind and spirit, and to continue a healthy eating and thinking pattern. What we think is just as important as what we eat…be well, enjoy the new year! Anita


That statement really resonates with me, Anita. So wise. Here’s to healthy thinking and eating as we face the challenge of supporting our students.
Happy New year to you!


I think I’ll just take your entire list, thank you very much! You’re doing it right! I’d love you to help me plan a sunny escape my friend. You go to the best places.


I’d love to help you plan your next escape, Jen! I’m working on a new project for travel as we speak. Lovely chat yesterday!

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