CURATED TRAVEL: Dream Destination – Bora Bora in French Polynesia

Destination: Bora Bora

One of the destinations at the top of my travel bucket list is Bora Bora in French Polynesia. The shimmering turquoise waters and sparkling sugar sand beaches speak to a tropical paradise. The Tahitian experience, in overwater luxury bungalows, is the stuff of fantasy.

The St. Regis Bora Bora Resort is located on this pristine island in French Polynesia. Spanning 44 acres of lush landscaping, edged by powdery white sands and a crystalline lagoon with the majesty of Mount Otemanu for iconic backdrop, The St. Regis Bora Bora Resort represents the epitome of carefree elegance.


For more on The St. Regis Bora Bora and the 5th-night free sale here.

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Heather Lindstrom

Bora Bora Style

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I have been to French Polynesia several times, for long (7-10 day) layovers as Pan American World Airways crew. We were always lodged at L’Hotel Tahara’a InterContinental, a beautiful 200-room hotel perched atop a cliff about seven miles from Pape’ete,, with descending tiers of rooms climbing down the hill below the cliff’s ridge, room balconies fronted with trellises draped in bougainvillea. (When The Tahara’a was built, local ordinance provided that no building could be taller than a coconut tree, so the hotel was constructed down the hill below the cliff, rather than up on the building/s atop the cliff.) The hotel had a breathtaking view of Matavai Bay and one of Tahiti’s famed black-sand beaches below and Moorea beyond. As The Tahar’a was designed to embrace its site, its main building, atop the cliff, was a majestic thatched-roof A-frame with a 25-foot-tall Tiki standing in front. Unfortunately, this glorious hotel, which was The hotel in French Polynesia in the 1970s, apparently was run into the ground by successor management and, at last word, lies defunct. After spending my days swimming and snorkeling (with Tahitian children after school) off the black-sand beach below The Tahara’a, exploring fresh-water swimming holes with locals, and sampling the Moorea and Bora Bora InterContinentals (including their first rustic overwater bungalows), I cannot imagine spending time in French Polynesia at what the term “luxury resort” has come to mean (as evidenced by the photographs of the Regis Bora Bora above, particularly the interiors). To each her own, but I cannot help but encourage you and your readers to explore the delights of French Polynesian life away from the insulating or sanitized luxury of 21st-century chain resorts.


What a fantastic history you have in this area! It sounds like you made memories for a lifetime, Leslie. How fortunate to be able to spend that kind of time in a place with such natural beauty as this. I had a similar experience, swimming with the locals, on the beaches of St. Lucia. I’ll never forget the lush beauty and the turquoise waters.
If you caught my post on Siena, in Tuscany, you know that I value all types of lodging experiences. On that trip we stayed in a historic apartment, a former monastery, to capture the local flavor. It was such a genuine, Italian experience. As for sharing this property in Bora Bora, I’ve always been fascinated by the overwater bungalows and have yet to stay in one. I think they look beautiful and I hope to have the experience of staying in one sooner rather than later! Thanks for sharing your story, Leslie!

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