Creating Layered Fragrances for the Home with Gilded Decay Fine Fragrance Candles by Lizette Marie


The simple act of lighting a candle instantly sparks a mood, adjusts an attitude, infuses a warm ambiance, and adds a subtle layer of fragrance to any space. I often burn a candle at my desk, especially early morning, or when in need of some inspiration. There is almost always a candle or two burning for the dinner hour. It simply doesn’t feel like a true bath experience without a lit candle, can you relate? Candles are an indispensable element of ambiance in our home.


I’ve recently been introduced to a luxurious line of fine fragrance candles that has quickly become my favorite. The unique fragrances of these hand-poured candles are designed to be used individually or paired to create unique layers of scent. Lizette Marie, a sought after interior designer in San Francisco, named her brand Gilded Decay. Each collection has a Homme and Femme fragrance to explore the balance between the masculine and the feminine. Complex but subtle, these fragrances enhance a sense of shared chemistry and passion.



The concept of layering perfumes to create a personal scent always intrigued Lizette Marie. Her candles can be burned alone or layered for a unique, seductive fragrance. As more fragrances are added to the line, additional unique fragrances can be created.

“Born out of a fascination with the dichotomy of everyday life, Gilded Decay by Lizette Marie, is a seductive fine fragrance candle collection consisting of fine fragrances that when burned together unite to create a layered third fragrance”.  – Lizette Marie


I love the elegant, yet subtle branding, juxtaposing a matte finish with gloss, for a beautiful accent to any living space. When the candles have burned you are left with a multi-use vessel that can be used in many ways, including as a vase. I agree with Lizette Marie that the candle has become “the ultimate home accessory”.


Collection 1

Femme No. 1 – Warm & Feminine With An Unexpected Edge


Top: Red Berry, Fresh Fig, Cognac

Heart: Sheer Floral Jasmine, Warm Spice, Rose

Base: Vanilla, sugar, sheer Woods, Patchouli

Homme No. 2 – Dark & Aged But Balanced By Surprise


Top: Ginger, Cardamom, Red Berry

Heart: Clover, Creamy Floral Accord

Base: Leather, Patchouli, Sheer Wood, Amber


Collection 2

Femme No. 2 – Fresh & Dewy, Beauty of the Soft


Top: Passion Fruit

Middle: Peony, Tea Rose, Fresh Dew

Base: Orchid, Vanilla, Musk

Homme No. 2 – Raw & Metallic, Mysterious City Life


Top: Citrus, Bergamot, Lavender

Middle: Herbal Floral, Leather, Earthy, Asphalt

Base: Woody, Sandalwood, Musk

In our home, Gilded Decay candles add something alluring and seductive to the bedroom. Two candles can create three unique fragrances to set whatever mood is desired. As I introduced them to my husband a couple of weeks ago, it would be an understatement to say he was impressed. I was surprised at how profoundly he reacted to the complexity of the fragrances. By the way, I’m a firm believer in lighting candles to set the mood. If they have this kind of impact on my partner–I’m a big fan!


Gilded Decay candles are subtle enough to be thoroughly enjoyed in any room of the house. In fact, I have Femme No. 1 flickering on my desk as I write this. They also live equally well inside, or outside for a special occasion, like this date night at home a couple of weeks ago.

To be clear, I’m not a person who appreciates all fragrances. I’m known to walk briskly past the candle shops, with wafting clouds of artificial scents, at the mall. I am a person who remembered the impact of a fragrance in a boutique in Barcelona so profoundly that I tracked it down many years later while visiting there again.


Gilded Decay is a unique, luxurious and intriguing fine fragrance candle line. I’m a firm believer that life is about quality, not quantity, and these beauties have added an intriguing, and alluring ambiance, to our home. I’m such a fan of the first two collections and I look forward to number 3.



I was gifted two Gilded Decay fine fragrance candles from Lizette Marie and am now pleased to bring them to you online in my StyleMindChic Boutique.

Find the Collection here: Gilded Decay Fine Fragrance Candles by Lizette Marie


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Heather Lindstrom

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These are cool candles, Heather. I love candles, they are so welcoming and cozy. How are you, my dear? I have visited several times, but not able to comment for whatever reason. I hope you are enjoying these glorious days of Autumn in our lovely northern California.



These photos are absolutely marvelous. I do love my white décor with gray, but black is so dramatic and contrasts SO WELL!


I am such a fan of this brand of candles, Anita. The layered fragrances are another way to accessorize our spaces. I love your white and gray decor. So fresh and lovely!

Love to hear from you!