Cooking Class: Ceviche from Zoetry Paraiso de la Bonita and a Surprise Meet Up!



Are you in the mood for something fresh, healthy and easy to make? Scott and I learned to make one of our favorite go-to summer dishes on our recent trip to Riviera Maya. We took a cooking class with chef Nicholas at Zoetry Paraiso de la Bonita. At the last second, I flipped on the video camera on my phone to capture the experience. I’ll also share the recipe at the bottom of the post.

cooking class c

All the ingredients were carefully chopped and prepared by Chef Nicolas. The friendly staff, including Fermin, started the class by serving chilled white wine. Pour yourself a glass of chilled sauvignon blanc, sit back and join me for a few moments at the cooking class as we make ceviche for the first time.






Here’s Scott diving in!


It’s fun to serve just about anything in a martini glass!



These are more of the fun folks we met at Zoetry Paraiso de la Bonita. Rosemary and Rolando, in straw hats, were great. We also ended up in a sweat lodge with them at the spa — but that’s a whole different story. With Facebook these days it is so easy to stay friends with people we meet while traveling. That is a huge plus for social media in my book.


In the background of this shot, I’m introducing myself to the famed Mexican architect Carlos Gosselin, who designed Zoetry Paraiso de la Bonita. He lives part time at Zoetry, and a number of guests, including my husband, had seen him during our stay. I woke up on this morning and announced to Scott, “I’m going to meet the architect today”. I wanted to tell him how impressed I am with this magnificent resort. As I shot the video of the cooking class, I turned my video around to get a glimpse of the resort (about 6 minutes in) and he was the shadowy figure walking just a couple of feet behind me. It was a fun moment and such a surprise! As soon as the class was over I raced over to meet him and he was just as elegant and charming as I expected.


Zoetry grouper ceviche


1 kg diced fresh grouper or mild white fish

8 lemons (the juice)

1 red onion in julianne

1 chopped mango

½ chopped papaya

1 chopped cucumber





Dried oregano

Olive oil

Tortilla chips


Place grouper, lemon juice, oregano, salt and olive oil in a bowl and let it rest for at least 15·20 min

Add the rest of ingredients

Serve with tortilla chips



Scott recreated this dish at home with fresh ingredients from the farmer’s market in Chico. We devoured it so quickly that I didn’t get any shots of his finished product. Ceviche is also delicious served with guacamole.


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Have you ever made ceviche?


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I’m in the mood for sweater weather, are you??

So excited to announce new fall arrivals at my Stylemindchic Boutique!!


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What a nice post Heather and I’ve actually never had Ceviche because I’m a chicken when it comes to sea-food, but this seems so perfect for the Riveria. Also, love the story about how you worked up the courage to talk to the architect. The hotel looks beautiful and I’m learning a lot more about architecture these days because my father-in-law is an architect. I had no idea how much goes into design even if a building looks simple and modern. :))

Hope you’re doing well and staying safe from all the smoke and fires in Nor-Cal. So Scary!!



You two always do SUCH fun things! The ceviche looks delicious! xoxo


How exciting to meet the architect! I’ve only had ceviche once and loved the freshness. This resort has me needing to go!! I’ve never been to a place that gives cooking classes but I would so love to attend one. Great fun. Happy Monday my friend.
Much love,


Just say the word when you need a beachy getaway, Jen, and you can travel under our membership. You will LOVE this place…in every way!!! xx


That looks delicious Heather. Your photos are beautiful and a reminder of how lovely that resort is. When I was there I took a cooking class for paella. It was amazing. Of course, I have yet to replicate it quite as tasty as Zoetry – but eveything tastes better dining on the sea. Love reading about your adventures!


Thanks so much Pamela! You and I both know how beautiful the Zoetry resort is. If you and Matt ever want to travel to a Zoetry again you can travel under our membership for a great discount. I loved everything about this place. Thanks for following along!


It is si fun to take cooking classes like this and the ceviche looks delish Heather!!
A gorgeous venue for an event like this definitely!

The Arts by Karena
Featuring India Hicks!


It was truly so beautiful, Karena! Can you believe I actually met the architect and had a chance to tell him how inspired I was by his creativity?? xx


Hi Heather!
I love that you left the gorgeous pool and spa area and did a cooking class! Awesome. Lovely that you had a chance to actually meet the architect of the resort. Do you think blogging has made you more outgoing, and more confidence to explore doing things like that? I think it has for me. I am way more curious about things and people now than before I started writing. Your picture is wonderful Heather, as well. Always that welcoming smile. How lucky is Scott, huh? Have a good week! xx Nancy


Ahhh thanks, Nancy! You are so good to me! ;) I think you make a very good point about being more curious and open. I do have a sense of wanting to get more of the story now that I’m a blogger. You are so intuitive, Nancy. You always have an interesting angle to add to the story. Your trip to Greece looks so amazing. I’ll be over to comment on your latest shortly. I want to have time to absorb the whole experience. So happy for you and your family to have had that adventure! xx


Hello there dearest Heather! Looks fantastic. I’ve only had ceviche once, a Peruvian style, and it was totally different, in a white sauce. I think I’d like this version much better! Happy weekend! Anita


The Peruvian style sounds interesting, Anita. This one is definitely on the fresh and lighter side. I love anything with lime and cilantro. ;) Hope you are having a wonderful weekend my friend.


If you want to try Peruvian ceviche next time, here is the recipe


Looks fantastic, Anita! Thanks so much for sharing! xx

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