Rose Gold



Is it just me or has the blushing, glowing shade of rose gold grown on us over the years?

Rose gold plays equally well as a neutral or a shining accent shade. Rose gold seems to have a universally flattering effect on skin tones. I started wondering where rose gold came from; I don’t remember this shade at all while I was growing up in the 1960’s and it looks especially fresh and modern this season.


“In appearance, rose gold is warm and flush—what yellow gold would look like if it suddenly suffered an embarrassment.”

Rebecca Mead from The New Yorker


You can read more of Rebecca’s interesting take on the recent resurgence of Rose Gold in The New Yorker here.

Fast facts:  The highest karat version of rose gold is also known as crown gold, which is 22 karat. Eighteen karat red gold may be made of 25% copper and 75% gold. For 18 karat rose gold, typically about 4% silver is added to 75% gold and 21% copper to give a rose color. 14 karat red gold is often found in the Middle East and contains 41.67% copper. —Rose Gold from Wikipedia



I’ve noticed pieces of rose gold creeping into my accessories collection the last couple of years. A few of them have become my ‘go to’ pieces.

The Michael Kors Signature East West tote is my carryall for work each day.


It goes with everything!

I spotted this rose gold themed wedding on pinterest and discovered it was held right here in Chico last fall and was featured on The Overwhelmed Bride.


Speaking of style, this is about the most inspiring style I’ve ever seen by a designer. Bravo Tommy Hilfiger!! Thank you, Sally, for sharing this with us.



Today marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for me. I’ll look forward to sharing more in upcoming posts.Let’s just say my goals of clarity and change for the year are becoming more clear. I feel a bit like a kid in a candy store with the possibilities.

I hope your day has that kind of feel.

Thanks for joining me on StyleMindChic Life today!



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Heather Lindstrom

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I love this color! You inspired me to add something to my wardrobe in this unique shade. So…. I went shopping! Unfortunately, I came up empty handed, but the search is on. Thanks for sharing your GB style Heather.


I’ve been admiring rose gold for a while but not bought anything in it. You’ve really piqued my desire to own it. Maybe in sunglasses! I’m excited to hear your news.
Much love and best wishes to Scott!
Xxx Jennifer


Lovely! A great way to add a bit of color for us neutral junkies….


I also meant to send well wishes for your new (?) endeavor (?). And hope Scott is feeling better these days. Have a great weekend


Hello Heather! I finally got in; I had a very hard time opening up your page!

I love this color combo because it reminds me of CHAMPAGNE! The only alcoholic drink I’ll SIP…so pretty, unexpected and refreshing! Happy weekend my dear, and i hope that Scott is well! Anita


Hi Heather! What a fun post. The fact that no one else paid much attention to rose gold until recent is what made it appealing to me. But I still love it dearly and so happy to finally see it make its appearance in other things besides jewelry. You have a great collage of pictures! Very pretty post. I have some beautiful pieces of rose gold jewelry given to me by my husband when we were dating, which makes it very special. My favorite piece is an Art Deco watch with a lovely rose gold face. You just reminded me that I should wear it more often! Thanks for the reminder!


Thanks for bringing this lovely color to my attention! What a beautiful soft shade, but a little glamorous at the same time! I would love to find a leather jacket in this color….would look fabulous with white or black jeans! Enjoyed your post about Healdsburg! What a cute place you found! Hope Scott is feeling better! xo

Love to hear from you!