COLOR STORY: Rainbows of Color



Perhaps it’s because the pre-spring weather is vacillating between sunny with blue skies to waves of pelting rain, all within the same hour today, that has me dreaming of rainbows. Or perhaps it’s because I have been housebound for….wait for it…8 days and counting, with a nasty respiratory flu that has me seeing a mirage of cold-medication induced rainbows today.

Either way, it just started to rain again and I’m needing some colorful inspiration.  This eye-catching window at the EQUIPMENT Boutique in NYC a few years back is one of my favorite rainbow themed street shots — all in sassy silk blouses, no less…swoon!

Ill take one in every color!

Thank you!


Whether it’s a colorful collection of vintage Hermes scarves, a rainbow of pastel plaster in the villas of Italy or a rainbow umbrella in a snowstorm, keep your eye out for the rainbow this week. There is gold at the end of that rainbow and spring is, no doubt, on the way!





Heather Lindstrom

Rainbows of Color

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Such gorgeous images Heather. I am hanging on by my fingernails here in the UK. I think Spring will arrive a little later than when you are. Will I make it? I hope so ;-) xx


Hope you are on the mend.. We have no sun here today so your blog post was very welcome!


Those rainbow colors definitely bring a cheery vibe! I’m feeling a bit better today, Jen. Thanks for the kind wishes. xx


Get well soon Heather! Your new blog site is very pretty, and I just love the rainbow of colors in today’s post. A very blustery, rainy day in Northern CA. Spring is around the corner. Cheers!


The weather is crazy today, isn’t it Karen? I’m glad to hear you like my rainbows–I’m in need of color therapy and it sounds like you are too. I hope you are staying healthy this season. This flu bug has been a rough one, both Scott and I have had it for more than a week. Yes, spring is coming!!! Thanks for the cheer today! xx

Love to hear from you!