‘Celebration’ Life Beyond Breast Cancer

Kick it up to Celebrate!

‘Celebration’ life beyond breast cancer

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the ‘Celebration’, an event showcasing the beauty, grace and resiliency of life beyond breast cancer. Laughter mingled with tears as the community celebrated these extraordinary women, and one gentleman, who are vibrant survivors following their breast cancer diagnosis. The ‘Celebration’ was all about music, dance, fashion, beauty, delicious food, camaraderie, support and fun in an elegant setting.

Arriving at 'The Celebration' Chico

 The event was held at ‘The Palms‘ event center in Chico, California.

Getting beautiful for 'The Celebration' Chico

Merchants, business owners, make-up artists and stylists around Chico donated of their clothing, jewelry, food, supplies as well as personal time, and hearts, to make the stars of the show shine.

In Hair and Makeup for the show!


Color and think pinks

Everyone seemed to be ‘thinking pink’ with coral tones, and fuchsia, and every lovely shade in between.

The Tables Collage

 Community members generously donated fabulous prizes and raffle items for the pre-show event.

Let the Show Begin!!

Show Time!!!

Yes, ladies……’you’ve got legs’ and you know how to use them!

The Celebration has legs!

This show was rocking!!

The “Can’t Stop Me!” boots say it all….

    Dance in celebration

 Every moment was a celebratory dance…..

We Can Do It Girls!

and a cheer of ‘We Can Do It’!!

We Can Do it Celebration!   We Can Do it In White!

 ‘We can do it’….

and do it in white suits and heels!!

Shop it Collage!   Rocking the Runway at the Celebration!

 The men…..ahh the men!!!!

ahh the men!!!!

Night Life Collage

 Did I mention local firefighters served as escorts?

We are just lucky they were such good sports….

and so were the women!

Just Dance Collage

Just dance….and they did……even Gangnam Style!

Let it Go-frozen!

The song, ‘Let It Go’ was the backdrop for a final emotive scene. As each woman walked on stage, wearing a dark coat, she ‘let it go’ onto the ground.  A uniformed firefighter was waiting in the shadows, on bended knee, to gather up the coat and offer her an arm in chivalry. There was not a dry eye in the house with the symbolism of this moment.

The Grand Finale Collage!

The Grand finale of the ‘Celebration’

Showcasing their beauty….

The Grand Finale 2

their grace….

The Grand Finale 4

and their resilience…..

The Grand Finale 3


way beyond,

breast cancer.

The Final 3 at the Grand Finale

This event would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of so many dedicated volunteers,

many who are breast cancer survivors themselves.


The event was founded by Charlene Mikeska (lower center), herself a breast cancer survivor of 22 years. She participated in a similar gala event when she lived in Marin County. Charlene championed her desire to bring this kind of celebration to Chico, and the first event was held in 2009. In her words, “Most of the models agree to serve because they believe in raising consciousness, and money, for breast cancer.  They don’t realize until the day of the event that they will be celebrating themselves and their endurance with grace through a difficult journey. The transformation of hearts of the models is the most exciting part of the Celebration – their eyes are opened to see themselves as capable of anything, and to discover that they are not alone, but supported and loved by all those in attendance.”

The co-chairs of the ‘Celebration’ this year were Ronnie Campbell and Kathy Lanpheir. Together with teams of community members, merchants and volunteers, they created an extraordinary and memorable event for all who participated and attended.

The Styling Group

As a lifestyle blogger, it was a privilege to be asked to assist with a few of the many styling sessions. Henri Henderson and April Stein (center) worked tirelessly to coordinate the fashion styling with local retailers for many months. As breast cancer survivors themselves, they have both been models in the ‘Celebration’ fashion show in previous years, and understand the power of the experience.  Judy Sitton (left) was the ‘Mistress of Ceremonies’ and a fellow fashion stylist for the event. Their dedication to supporting breast cancer survivors is awe-inspiring.

In a note from Marilyn after the event, “The Celebration is a result of willing models and my energizer bunny co-chair couples, Ronnie and Colin Campbell/Kathy and Rae Lanpheir; Producers, Deverie Jarrett/Nicole Scoubes and Wardrobe co-chairs, Henri Henderson/April Stein, the core of our committees and their village of volunteers!”.  From what I saw it definitely takes a village to throw a celebration of this magnitude!

Styling the Celebration Collage

 A sneak peek behind the scenes at a couple of our energetic, fun-filled styling sessions.

The Celebration Chico

Finally, a quiet moment of reflection for the women and men who are thriving in their lives after breast cancer, including several of my family members. I’m remembering those we have lost to cancer, like my dad, and my hope that raising awareness and funding will mean an end to this kind of loss in life. I’m reminded of the celebration, the enthusiasm for life, the shining faces, and the hope for the future that an event like this brings to us. Sharing in the ‘Celebration’ of these inspiring women and men, living and thriving beyond breast cancer, is a life changing experience.

Stylemindchic Lifestyle Logo

I’m honored to share this story with you today……

Are you feeling inspired too?

I’m adding a link to a blog post written by one of the ‘Celebration’ models and

the transformation she felt by being part of the event.

LaDawn Hall and The Transformative Celebration


View the Celebration Event 2016


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Heather Lindstrom

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What a truly beautiful event Heather and I’ve never heard of the Palms event center but it looks gorgeous and like all of the women were really celebrating. I definitely want to donate to this next year! Thank you for sharing such brave women.


What a gorgeous tribute to all! I am touched by the firefighters being such a chivalrous group. It definitely had to be an honor to be a part of such a beautiful and touching collaboration of strength, both men and women. xo

What a fabulous evening and how amazing do you look in the orange, gorgiss on you. Breast cancer has hit up to one in five women in our area, incredibly high stats!

Heather I can see what an amazing celebrations this was and am so thrilled you were there for the experience!

Ahhhh thank you Karena. I feel honored to have been asked to be part of this inspiring event. xx

Wow Heather.. I’m tearing up here just reading this. There is such strength here .. I admire these women (and men) so much. What a journey they’ve been on. Good for you for participating and following up with this wonderful blog post. Hope you are well and that work is going well. I can’t believe we are already into October! Have a lovely weekend ~ xxL

I so agree with you, Leslie, I have that feeling just looking back over the photographs. The entire event was brimming with courage, beauty and celebration. Being able to share this kind of inspiration is my favorite part of blogging. Happy Weekend to you my friend.

Good morning Heather! So great to see your comment this morning! Thank you for your visit. May you have a FABULOUS and perfect weekend! I have laryngitis, so no talking for me, but rather some writing! No way to keep me quiet!

Thank you for sharing your amazing pictures on your Blog. Producing this show is on of the most inspiration and beautiful experiences I have ever had. Your Blog represents my vision of the show perfectly. THANK YOU!!

What a memorable, wonderful evening which brought so many members of the community together. So many brave, inspiring ladies and I can understand how thrilled you must have been to be part of such a worthwhile event which was fun too. The pink moustache is fabulous! You captured every aspect of the evening so well with your lovely photos.

It was an extraordinary event Miss B. Thanks for your kind words! xx

Such a beautiful capture of this amazing event!! Wow. I wish I could have been there. (Love the man sporting the pink mustache:). These brave women are inspiring. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Isn’t he fun? Women and men were sporting the pink shades for this special event. Thank you Jennifer. This was a heartfelt project for me.

What a beautiful event. It stil looks like summer there: perhaps it’s all the pink.

Hi Jen, It was beautiful and it is still hot here. It was in the 90’s on Saturday. We are still waiting for a cool down. It was a beautiful event and so inspiring. xx

Good morning Heather! Such a sensational way to show the beauty of being human – to celebrate LIFE and to make love, peace and hope, TOGETHER. Everyone looks happy and strong and this is who we are, isn’t it? Resilient and full of such promise. Hugs to you dear and beautiful friend! Anita

Anita dear, You are so right on with your perspective. Isn’t this an inspiring event? I loved every moment. Thank you darling friend! xx

Hi Heather,
this was lovely. Such timing, I had thoughts of my Mom today, wishing so much I could just pick up the phone and hear her voice. Thanks for the post, very touching. xx Nancy

I’m glad to hear the timing was good for you Nancy. I am so sorry for the loss of your mom. I was feeling the same way about my dad when I wrote the post. I do understand the loss of a parent. Hugs to you today. xx


It was truly my pleasure…..thank you! xx

What a wonderful powerful evening. I am so happy you shared this event. So many brave souls.

Thanks for taking all the great photos. Makes me feel like I was there.


It was an honor to be even a small part of creating such an amazing event. Thank you Suzanne! xx

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