Union Square November 2012
One of my favorite Christmas trees lives part time at Union Square in San Francisco. I remember this magnificent conifer as a highlight of city visits with my family when I was a child. My husband and I had one of our first dates, during the Christmas season of 1998, in San Francisco with dinner and dancing at the Starlight Room high atop the iconic Sir Francis Drake Hotel. This happy photo below was snapped in front of the glowing Christmas tree at Union Square.

We were feeling ‘very merry’ that evening.

(do you see the tree? If I add more words this looks like a tree skirt…)

 Date Night in San Francisco December 1998 with Scott

November 2012 at the Christmas Tree

Our tree this year with the sunset backdrop
At the Christmas Tree lot (aka Lowes) this tree was originally an $80 (10 ft. tree)but the manager insisted it was the ‘Charlie Brown’ tree and wanted to charge only $29.00. “Okay-we always root for the underdog”. Why not?

That deal allowed us to stock up on things like this shimmery little number (you know me).

I usually stick with cream poinsettias but this one called my name this year.

I found this photo from our first Christmas as a family in 2000.Scott’s girls were only 13, 15 and 17. Look how far we’ve come since those early days as a new step-family here.I took a photo of this print with my iPhone so I’m sorry it’s not very clear.
I have boxes of wonderful print photos (pre-digital camera) and they never see the light of day.Have you found an easy way to convert prints in the box to photos on the computer?Scanning takes forever. I would love any tips you have on that!

Christmas 2011

Holiday photos are often taken with a Christmas tree in the background which makes them so festive. I’m making a mental note to get a few of us with the all three girls in front of the tree this year. Without a little thought on photos the holiday can just speed by in a flurry without capturing the moment on camera.

It’s always a treat to link with the ‘How I wear My’ series with

Adrienne of the Rich Life (on a budget) and Jill of Everything Just So
is the theme this month.  

I pulled out some crimson lipstick, threw a moto jacket over my silky blouse (from Target) during my 

recent getaway to Healdsburg for Scott’s birthday for this look. I haven’t worn red in years but 

this season it’s really captured my attention and I have purchased several pieces. 

Thanks for hosting Adrienne and Jill!  

Thanks for stopping by-I know it’s a busy, busy season.
Stay warm!
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Heather Lindstrom

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I love seeing all your photos Heather, they capture so much about your life. I’m a big fan of Union Square and the warm, festive vibe that’s there at Christmas. You guys are such a cute couple! And what a special picture that is of you and your ‘new’ family in 2000. That is truly an amazing story.


Thank you for the good advice … of thinking ahead of time for family photos! It is all too easy to be just in the moment … thanks to you … I am going to make a point of taking family photos … first off!!


PS So glad i get to spend New Years Eve with You!!


Your tree looks lovely and what a bargain too! It’s always fun to look back at past Christmas celebrations and it is so much easier now with digital cameras. What a happy photo of you both in your santa hats.


Good Morning Heather!

Such a lovely tree .. and the sunset in the background..gorgeous!
Your photos are so pretty Heather. It’s so fun to take a look a photos from past holidays isn’t it? You are a-glow with your Santa hat:) and you look fab in the last photo wit the crimson lipstick. I so wish I could wear that color! Looks like you are enjoying the season:) Have fun and make memories.. that’s what it’s all about! xxleslie


Thank you my friends for all the kind comments and mentions of skin care. I’ll look forward to posting more on some of the experimenting I’ve been doing for skin-but for now-a good night’s sleep and feeling are really my best tips. I can come up with some horrid photos and bad skin days too. Thanks for stopping by! xx, Heather


Good morning pretty lady! Oh Heather, I love the red lipstick on you! Vicki Archer over at French Essence is posting on red lips and make-up tips and you look perfect for her post!

You and your husband are just beautiful. I can tell by your photos that you are so in love. Bless your hearts, and have a super week of more preparation for the holiday! Anita


Heather, Love these holiday snaps! So sweet that early photo of you all! Isn’t SF the best? I love the tradition of that too.

By the way, did you cut your hair? Love the look in these photos with the red. You are so pretty in them!

Your tree from Lowe’s is gorgeous. We also have a funny tree this year, but by time we put all the piles of ornaments it looks great! I used to be so hung up on the perfect tree and cards. I’ve really gotten more relaxed about it all as I’ve gotten older.
I realize it’s all about the fun and enjoying.
Looks like you are going to have a great holiday.

Miss you! xx Kim


I do not know if I have said this before, Heather, but you have the most beautiful skin…just gorgeous! I love Christmas posts!!


Great post Heather! I love the SF Christmas tree…we too have a tradition of going there each year – haven’t yet this year tho. Great memories! I love the picture of you & the “new family”. So cute, and so long ago! BTW you look beautiful in red darling! Wear it more! PS remind me to ask you about your facial routine as your skin is glowingly beautiful and I need to get me some of whatever you are using ;-). xoxo


Heather … these photos are great!! Darling of you and your hubby. I am sad to say I have bucketloads of shoe boxes of photos. Wish there were a magic button to push to scan them. Hope you have a great week. Love your Target blouse…


Aren’t you cute in this picture with the Santa hat? I love to wear RED, especially at Christmas time. I haven’t seen that blouse at Target yet. I was just there this morning getting stocking stuffers. I enjoyed browsing through all your past holiday pictures. Your family is wonderful.

Stop by tomorrow if you get a chance. We did a “Tis The Season Blog Tour” post and your STAR is one of my decorations.

Have a sweet day, Heather.



Oooh! San Fran one of my most fav cities in the world. Never mind the sparkle of the tree your glow is amazing! What do you use on your skin? It’s beautiful xx


You are SO right…memories are the best gift you can give! I love your photos. And, thank you for the reminder to capture more memories for the future this holiday season.

Have a lovely day, Heather! xoxo


Thank goodness for photos, such memories that you just cannot replace!!

Love to hear from you!