Bringing Bold, Colorful Style Home from Spain & Desigual


Colorful Style from Spain


When traveling I always make some time to check out the local shops and boutiques. If I’ve made room in my suitcase along the way, I don’t even feel guilty about bringing home local flavor items from a trip. While in Sevilla, Spain, last summer a vibrant, colorful boutique caught my eye and I had to take a peek. Desigual is a Spanish fashion brand founded in Ibiza in the mid-1980’s.

“Desigual is a casual clothing brand based in Barcelona, which is noted for its patchwork designs, intense prints, innovative graffiti art, asymmetrical designs and flamboyant splashes of color” — Wikipedia

Desigual Collage in Seville, Spain

On that day, two and 1/2 weeks into our trip, I choose a brightly colored scarf/sarong. It was bright yellow with bold fuchsia roses, embellished with turquoise, greens and golds. I knew I could wear it or use it to brighten up our bedroom with a pop of color. It has some lettering on it, in typical Desigual fashion (they originated in Ibiza, after all), “For everybody…sex, fun and love. Paradise is in you and me”. Upon returning from Spain, I layered this wild little number over a mirror in our bedroom. No, the lettering is not usually on display, but I must confess the vibrant item makes me smile and has been a colorful reminder of our travels to Spain.

Stylemindchic Life Bedroom and Desigual Scarf on the mirror

In spring, I was contacted by Desigual about a new feature they were promoting. An interactive flower market map on Google, which they felt reflected the vibe of the brand. Flower markets always grab my attention and I thought this was such a cool idea. They had no idea I had purchased a scarf from them-just last summer-in Sevilla.


Desigual is all about diversity and showcasing unique beauty and individual style. They chose Chantelle Winnie as the face of the summer collection 2015. Chantelle Winnie is a well-known model, a finalist in America’s Next Top Model, who has vitiligo, a rare skin condition that causes patches of de-pigmentation. She has become the unofficial spokeswoman for vitiligo as she shares her story-from near suicide to embracing her unique beauty and empowering others.



She is fun, flirty and inspiring in this video:

Chantelle Winnie



Lucky me!  Desigual offered me my choice of a couple pieces from their latest collection. I chose the maxi dress Infinito. I love the bold print and pops of color for summer. The combination of floral with stripes feels fresh. The fit is excellent and this maxi is extremely comfortable to wear. The fabric breathes, even in a hot climate like our Bidwell Park in the summertime.


Heather Orr Lindstrom Desigual Dress in the park

 If I tell you my husband loves this dress….

that might be an understatement.



I also ordered the ‘Orang’ T-shirt. An asymmetrical t-shirt with a contrasting patterns on front and back. This t-shirt is also extremely comfortable and well-made. The length is great and the sides have some gathers which makes for a flattering fit. It will definitely be packed up for our tropical vacation next month.



Desigual always has a way of adding a touch of whimsy, fun and good will to their products.This shirt has the words “You are Nice ” (ahhh thanks!;))  and “Say Something Nice” in gold lettering on the fabric. Desigual is clearly a brand with a brightly colored heart of gold.


Desigual is having some fantastic sales right now (for men and children too):


More on Sevilla, Spain

Do you bring home souvenirs from trips like I do?

What are your favorite things to help you remember your travels?

Cheers, Heather Orr Lindstrom Signature

The dress and top were gifts from Desigual.

All opinions expressed are my own.

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Love this Heather and I remember seeing Desigual all over when we went to Barcelona and I love the wild prints and the designs are so unique that you know that brand when you see it. I can see why your hubby loves that dress, the back is so sexy. Thanks for all the nice comments on the baby! Finally getting into a little routine while she sleeps. hehe! PS — Happy 4th of July!



OH NO! My comment did not take!


It’s here!! :) Thank you Anita! I will be posting more sea and sky from the Caribbean for you next week so keep an eye on Instagram! ;) Happy Weekend my dear! xx


Darling Heather, I just read your comment on my blog… and me both, yes, CALIFORNIA GIRLS FOREVER! Sky and sea are twins, mirroring off each others’ blueness and deepness….infinite joy. I want MORE! But we are going back next year. For the time being, relaxing here in Minneapolis ain’t bad either…lakes, lush gardens, home.

LOVE ! Anita


Heather, how incredible to be contacted to help with promotion of this vivacious line! I love the scarf-the colors!! And, I can see why your husband would love the maxi. You look vivacious, as well! Btw, I love how you draped your scarf over your mirror. Yes, definitely a lovely way to walk into memories!! xo


I’m loving the bold colors, Shelly, but what’s new? ;) That maxi is so comfortable to wear-the fabric is really smooth. Thanks for stopping by my dear friend! xx


Heather what a fun brand. I am not familiar with it, but now it will be on my radar! You know me, I love prints and what fun and unique styles they have. I especially loved all the dresses! I don’t know how you chose, but I love what you picked! You look terrific in these vibrant colors. I can see why Scott loves you in them. You are looking marvelous!

They seem like a kind company choosing Chantelle to represent them. She’s a beauty!

I am thinking of ordering a dress tonight! xoxo Kim


Oh and yes I love to shop on trips! The best souvenirs are ones you can wear!!


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all the colors. You look gorgeous, Heather.


I know you love bright colors too, Marcia! xx


Heather, I do love the styles, fashion, and the colors from Spain! The girls will be taking a trip there this summer, and I hope to one day visit myself. What a cute picture of you and Scott. And I love the picture of the yellow scarf draping over your vanity mirror, what a great pic. This is such a pretty scarf, I can see why you bought it. I really loved this post, as Spain is such a passionate and vibrant place on earth.

love, ~Sheri


So much color and joy, Heather! I pinned a couple of your pics. Have a wonderful day!


I love Desigual. They are very popular in Canada. I especially love the bright colours and bold designs.

Love that maxi dress on you!



Thank you my stylish Canadian friend! xx


Good morning dearest Heather! I love the colors in your gorgeous scarf. I have not been to Spain, but my beautiful cousin, who danced Flamenco and studied in Spain has been there a few times. I must get there myself. And like you, I leave room in my suitcase upon arriving somewhere so that I can haul back a souvenir or two back home!

Enjoy another lovely day by the pool! Anita


I can hardly wait to see your most recent souvenirs from Carmel, Anita! Your cousin was/is a Flamenco dancer? Why am I not surprised? That’s fabulous–and yes, you will love Spain! xx


A both fun and lovely story, Heather.
I’m with Scott! You do look fabulous in that dress! …a perfect choice, with it’s ability to captivate both coming and going. It possesses amazing lines front and back! ( I am thinking that a little part of your heart has remained in Barcelona.)


This line is so colorful, creative and fun. I only mentioned that Scott liked the dress because it really captured his attention-more than any outfit in recent memory. :) I think it’s the bold colors-fun for summer. Thanks for the kind words! Happy summer girlfriend…

Love to hear from you!