Just Breathe…a sunny escape!


 Doesn’t this spot look dreamy?

It definitely fits the bill as a much needed ‘sunny escape’ for me today. This is my most often re-pinned image on Pinterest. I briefly wondered why, with so many other beautiful images out there, and then I realized it is the quintessential sunny escape. I wonder where it is (and is it available to rent?).

How is your day going so far? I wanted to do a quick check in before work today with a mini post.

I’m having one of these weeks where I feel like I can’t quite catch up. My plate is overflowing and I found myself lying in bed this morning feeling that creeping sense of anxiety. When I checked my phone at 5:15 am I saw this image. Thank goodness it reminded me of this tool that I wrote about a couple of years ago to reduce stress and anxiety. It works! Deep breathing and visualizing something pleasant (always a sunny escape for me) change the brain and restore the body. Even exciting things (there are those in the works too!) can create a certain level of stress in the body. The beauty is that this tool works–for all types of stress–and it works for all ages.

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Here’s to some deep breathing and a calm day for us all!

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Heather, this is such a perfect reminder for us all to take time and let go of stress and anxiety, like so many others thinking of the water, especially the ocean for me is perfect!

The Arts by Karena
Artist Lesley Schiff


Coming here is always a peaceful escape!! Tomorrow is Friday and then the weekend. Time to chill.
Love you girlfriend!!


Great catching up with you the other day, Jen! Yes–it’s Friday morning and I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. :) Enjoy that little cutie and we’ll chat soon!


Good morning Heather. I share your same thoughts about this being a stressful week. I am buried in paper work, stressed out clients, and feeling the need to escape from it all. The deep breathing technique does help. The weekend is just around the corner Xx Karen


Happy Friday, Karen! I appreciate your kind words. I know just the kind of work stress you are describing. Wishing you a wonderful–and relaxing–weekend (it’s almost here!:).


The water is also my escape my friend! This is a fabulous photo!!!


Water-babies unite!! Happy Wednesday, Anita dear! xx

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