An Afternoon in Beguiling Bellagio on Lake Como

One afternoon Scott and I pointed our rented Peugeot northeast, from our villa in Lezzeno, to beautiful Bellagio for the afternoon. Known for grand hotels, elegant villas, voluptuous flower boxes and stunning views from the steep staircases of the city center. Bellagio is beguiling.

Lake Como, in the Northern mountains of the Lombardy region, is breathtakingly beautiful with a chameleon microclimate for weather. In my earlier post of our stay in a lakeside villa, I mentioned the quick changes from cool and breezy, to rain showers, to brilliant sunshine within the space of an afternoon. It’s all part of daily life at Lake Como and allows for these showy gardens and flower displays. On this afternoon in July, we appreciated the cool temps and brief rain showers as a break from the summer sun. We did stop to buy an umbrella at a nearby boutique which came in handy once we boarded a ferry later in the afternoon.



Bellagio is beguiling


If you are fortunate to find yourself in Bellagio for an afternoon, enjoy lunch at a tasty trattoria, people watch the colorful locals and tourists, climb the stone steps to pastel framed lake views and plot your next destination on Lake Como. It’s easy to access other picturesque ports of call from the ferry center, or better yet, a water taxi.

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Heather Lindstrom

Afternoon in Bellagio

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Thank you for taking me back to one of my favorite days of our trip!! I think we were there the day you posted this!! Hugs to you, Heather!!


Oh good, I’m happy you caught this post, Sandy! I am working my way sequentially through each destination of our trip to Italy last summer and it just so happened that our ‘schedules’ to be in Como coincided. I thought that was fun too! I’m glad you enjoyed your time there so thoroughly!


Oh, that’s heavenly. Bucket list for sure!!


It’s the stuff of travel dreams for sure, Jen!! xx

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