An Invitation: Caudalie French Skin Care + Jason Wu Event in Venice Beach, California



An Invitation: Caudalie French Skin Care + Jason Wu in Venice Beach


As I was going through the mail following our summer travel, I discovered an invitation to an event for a brand of which I am a longtime fan. The event was to celebrate the collaboration between the french skin care line, Caudalie by Mathilde Thomas, and fashion designer, Jason Wu. My first thought was, “I can’t fly to Venice Beach, I just got home from 3 weeks in Europe”. Then I realized that Scott was already planning to be in LA for a class reunion that very weekend and had already reserved a hotel. The timing could not have been more perfect! We decided to drive the 8+ hours to Los Angeles and it was so convenient to have a car for all the stops we planned to make. We downloaded the intriguing podcast ‘Serial‘ which made the drive absolutely fly by.


The next day I dropped Scott off at his luncheon and headed off to my old stomping grounds of LA, and the beach cities, on my own. Sometimes it’s fun to have a few reflective hours to yourself in one of your favorite places. I drove by some favorite spots, Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey, Playa Vista and the intriguing Venice Canals.


This swan captured my imagination. What fun to cruise the canals on a swan, right??


I enjoyed a light lunch at Salt Air, a new discovery on Abbot Kinney Boulevard, in Venice. It was just a block from the event at the Caudalie Boutique. I enjoyed a delicious beet salad and one perfectly chilled glass of rosé recommended to me. The wait staff at Salt Air was fantastic. I don’t dine alone often at this time in life, but when I do, I appreciate a wait staff that is friendly and professional. I was also impressed with the fresh, tasty menu.

Next up… the event at Caudalie!



I was warmly greeted at Caudalie and given the VIP treatment. My mini-facial, performed by Regine, a french woman who now lives in New York City and travels to do personalized facials at high-end events for the brand. Regine introduced me to some new products and reminded me of some long time favorites. For the last several years I have started just about every  morning with a spritz of the Caudalie Beauty Elixir. I find it’s the best way to wake up my skin as well as tone and tighten.

Regine reintroduced me to Premier Cru The Eye Cream which did a number on my road trip weary dark circles and puffiness. I loved it! The Premier Cru Elixir is another brand favorite and now part of my morning and night-time routines. It firms, nourishes, brightens and adds radiance using patent technology and natural ingredients. This product blends an oil and a serum creating a double-duty product which makes it more likely I will use it.

Caudalie french skincare was founded in 1995 by Mathilde and Bertrand Thomas, college sweethearts, who discovered the antioxidant properties of the grape-vine while working at a vineyard. Their vinotherapy skin care line uses patented technologies, in luxurious, yet natural formulations to promote anti-aging and skin health.

“I believe in a greener planet and more committed cosmetics. I formulate my products for all women who, like me, don’t want to choose between effectiveness and naturalness, between glamor and ecology.”


-Mathilde Thomas


Along with patented technologies and natural ingredients, I’m also impressed by what Caudalie does NOT put into their luxurious products.

Read more on the story and the ethics behind Caudalie.


For more on this cool collaboration of beauty and fashion with Jason Wu:



I purchased the Ultimate Anti-Aging Set in the travel size which I highly recommend if you are trying a new line of skin care products. I’m now using the Beauty Elixir, Makeup Removing Cleansing Oil, Premier Cru Eye Cream and the Premier Cru Elixir on a daily basis. I received a beauty elixir with my name beautifully engraved on it at the event. Such a stylish memento of my afternoon at Caudalie.


I’ve been using my new products for about 2 weeks and have been extremely pleased with the way my skin feels. This is a quick snap taken yesterday with my beautiful best friend since fourth grade, Deb. I feel like my skin tone and radiance has improved since I started using the extensive line of Caudalie skin care. I’m a big fan!


File Aug 30, 7 13 19 AM

We also made time to see this beauty, my step-daughter Lauren, while visiting in LA. We had so much fun exploring some of her favorite spots.


If you are heading to Los Angeles I have some recommendations on where to stay on my travel recommendations page.

Have you tried Caudalie french skin care?

Would you ride a swan in the Venice Beach Canals

(would a glass of rose’ help make your decision easier? ;)



I received an invitation to attend the Caudalie Skin Care +Jason Wu launch event in Venice Beach. I was given a mini-facial, light lunch and personalized, engraved bottle of the beauty elixir. Other purchases were my own.

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Heather Lindstrom

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Heather, Nel used to live in Venice Beach, and she loved it. What a fun invitation this is, and I love the picture of the jeweled bottle, it’s so unique and pretty. What a sweet picture of you and Scott and Lauren. Every time I see short bangs like that, I smile because it’s so cute. : )

It’s getting cooler here, don’t ya just love it?



Looks like the stars were aligning for a perfect LA getaway! I recently discovered Caudalie after being given a VERY generous sample from the Les Sources de Caudalie property in Bordeaux at Travel Week – I love it and am now hooked. Thanks for sharing your weekend, Heather! xoxo


You look radiant Heather. I am wondering if it is the products or maybe that wonderful hubby of yours and your new found lease on life. Whatever you are doing, it is working GB


Hello there sweetest Heather! It’s SO good to see you enjoying your retirement! To go out and enjoy a day perusing your favorite spots, I call that FREEDOM! Congratulations again for this milestone, and have a TON OF FUN doing what you love. School is going well so far, and our weather is so gorgeous right now. AND, I love Santa Monica!


Aw Lauren’s a doll, looks like a great visit! I love my visits to Venice, we used to live there in the late 80s. So many wonderful memories.


Yes she is! We had so much fun catching up with her. I used to live in LA area in the late 80’s. I used to bike the boardwalk most weekends and spent lots of time in Santa Monica and Manhattan Beach. I wonder if we ever crossed paths and didn’t know it…;)


You two have way too much fun!!


We do love a good getaway! This was a fun one-packed so much in to a few days–including a quick stop in Newport Beach to see family–loved it!

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