A Chic Afternoon at Le Sirenuse Hotel + Guest Blogging with Style Maniac!


We leave the seductive, photogenic Amalfi Coast with one last peek; a chic afternoon on the terrace at the luxurious Le Sirenuse Hotel. The iconic hotel, with stunning views of the Tyrrhenian Sea, has launched a thousand fantasies, mine included. Who can forget those scenes in ‘Under the Tuscan Sun‘ with Diane Lane and Raoul Bova filmed in Positano and Le Sirenuse? There are no words to describe the relaxed luxury of a world-class hotel like this. I’ll let the images tell the story.

First, may I interest you in a glass of rosé?













To keep things from becoming too serious, the staff brought around mini ice cream bars, on silver platters, no less.



Though Scott and I didn’t stay at this luxurious hotel on this trip, we stayed just one address up. We shared the same views, amenities and ice cream bars as those staying at Le Sirenuse for one-fifth the price. This is just one of the travel tips I’m excited to be sharing as a guest travel/lifestyle blogger and travel consultant over at Style Maniac today with the fabulous Doreen Creede. Be sure you stop by Doreen’s stylish site; I’ve been a fan since before I started blogging four years ago. Learn more about Doreen as she shares her stylish tips as a Style Guide here on Style*Mind*Chic Life. I’m also sharing a discount for Style*Mind*Chic Boutique that you will find on Style Maniac.



Thank you for joining me on this walk down memory lane from July.

We are meandering our way through Italy and our next stop will be Siena, Tuscany!


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Heather Lindstrom

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Congrats!!! On your new “career” Heather. How exciting.
Your photos and travel tips over on Doreen’s blog were brilliant especially about booking the hotel next door to the 5 star ;-) Very savvy xx


Thank you, dear Vannessa! I’m so happy you caught this post. Did you see the ones on Capri and Ravello? I’m meandering my way through our summer holiday in Italy. We will eventually end up in Paris–but I’m in no rush. Italy is super photogenic.
Thanks for the blog/travel love, my friend.


I have a serious case of pool envy….The wine and ocean don’t look too bad either!!! Heather-You are a beautiful writer and photographer!!! Thank you for sharing your talents and your travels with us all!!! Cheers! KK


Was this just the sunny escape you needed today, girlfriend?? Thanks for the blog love, KK! xx


I absolutely love the Amalfi Coast, I have Italian heritage and I think it’s in my blood. I could easily live there. I love La Sirenuse too. Have spent many a lovely evening at dinner there with our friends. We love the Bellevue Syrene Hotel in Sorrento and have recommended it many times on the blog. However, the absolute best is to rent an entire villa, bring the family & friends and enjoy decamping to the entire area each day. Cooking breakfast at home, maybe having a swim, then getting dressed for the escapades. Great post, Heather, about my favorite place on Earth.


It sounds like this post brought back some very fond memories for you, Marsha. It sounds like you had some amazing travels on the Amalfi Coast. I love the idea of renting a villa! I’ve been researching some amazing villas in Italy for travel clients. It’s the best kind of research. How about a bloggers getaway to an Italian Villa?
Thanks for stopping by! Ciao bella!


Very beautiful! The same view, the same amenities, why not go for the less expensive one? GOOD JOB!


I’m so happy you like my travel tips, Anita dear! :) xx


Oh Heather, this may be one of my favorite posts yet!! Your photos are glorious and I love how you show how someone who might not want to drop a ton of euros at a posh hotel, can still enjoy the beauty of a destination! Hope you have a terrific week, my dear! xoxo


I know that this is one of your favorite places, Sandy. Thanks for the travel love!! xx


Heather, I am so honored to have you share your gorgeous photos and savvy travel tips on Style Maniac today! Over the years of our blogging friendship we’ve uncovered so many common loves — including our travel bucket lists. Le Sirenuse has long been on mine, but it’s way out of my price range. Your find next door with the same stunning views and still chic decor is a gem! As are your other secrets to getting the most out of vacation time and budget. Grazie, mio amico!


Doreen, I’ve so enjoyed this collaboration with you and Style Maniac. As you know, I’ve been a long time fan of your super stylish blog. I’ll be happy to create a perfect travel itinerary for you to Italy any time you are ready to go. In the meantime, I’ll keep sharing some of my favorite travel inspirations for suitable for daydreaming. Here’s to that meet up someday, hopefully on a terrace on the Amalfi Coast. ;)

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