Bar table set at Tamera Beardsley's home

An invitation to brunch with Tamera Beardsley and her husband Jeff, at their
enchanting Southern California ‘villa’,
is beyond a treat.

Some things in life simply speak for themselves.

Come join us….
you are in for a visual feast of the Tamera Beardsley variety.

Warm and cozy



Soothing and splashy.

Our lovely and gracious hostess, Tamera.

(My sister, Dorie, me and Tamera)


Swoon worthy tablescapes by Tamera.

Delicious grilling by ‘chef’ Jeff

and scintillating conversation.

Cheers to that!

Intriguing collections….

and the ‘hat family’ wall.

The inner chambers and a haven of rest.

Spa lusciousness in the bath……

all fit for a Queen.

Sparkle, shine and glimmer for dressing  (how to choose?)

and playing dress up with a few of Tamera’s favorite ‘friends’.

Back down to the studio where creativity and inspiration reign
in the converted garage (with natural light and fresh air-genuis!).

Look at that sparkle (both Tamera and her jewels)!

We adored pouring over Tamera’s scrapbook of magazine and editorial shoots for her

 fashion accessories line that became an international sensation.

Tamera put the brand on hold to raise her family and now she’s back-in a big way.

My sis, Dorie Swanson, was a head designer for St. John Knit here for 21 years so I just knew

I needed to get these two creative and successful designers together.

Style guide Dorie here.

I’m thrilled that Dorie is creating a new line that we will launch on my

Stylemindchic Boutique.

This stunning howlite bracelet with crystals, gifts for Dorie and me created by Tamera Beardsley, are the
sweetest momento of our afternoon together.
This is a signature piece from Tamera’s extraordinary collection

“The Tranquility bracelet is made from Howlite stones, which are believed by many to have calming and stress relieving properties. Some also believe the stone to relieve insomnia as well.”

We left, with Jeff promising cocktails in this sweet little outdoor room next time, lucky us!



Words are not enough~

thoroughly inspired!

Our thanks to Tamera and Jeff…..we loved every moment!

To see Tamera’s post on how she created this lovely afternoon see her post

What are your plans for the weekend?
What is inspiring you these days?
I would love to hear about it…


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Heather Lindstrom

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Heather I loved this post! My gosh what a gorgeous home and what a beautifully styled luncheon by Tamera. You all looked so glam and I’m so glad you got to take your artistic sis with you. It sounds like a wonderful connection for everyone.


This was indeed a sparkly afternoon and no wonder you enjoyed it so much. What an interesting home with some beautiful seasonal decorations too.


Wow Heather! What a day and you all look gorgeous and certainly enjoying the visit. Beautiful property, beautiful home, beautiful people .. and all the decor… simply beautiful and exactly what I’d expect from Tamera:) She’s something else and exudes elegance and is so kind and gracious.

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for sharing your photos!


Heather, what fabulous photos. Tamara’s home is gorgeous. Great stylish ladies together.


Gosh, Heather, I don’t know where to start. Tamera’s home is everything you described, and her personality shines through the decor style, as well! My favorite words used are whimsical, soulful, and cozy. Tamera definitely expresses lovely uniqueness, too. I am impressed with her success after the decision to raise her family first. Heroic in my eyes.

As always the meal served, and the setting, looks very inviting. There is a welcoming air when a host goes through great strides to make sure the guests are celebrating the moment, and taking home a pleasant memory. I know your time together had to be as wonderful as you described.

By the way, I followed the link back to your post about your sister Dorie. I pinned the photo of the two of you! I could’ve pinned it on just about everyone of my boards regarding fashion, luxury, or lifestyle. So, I placed it under LUSH. Life. Style. You both show beauty, strength, joy, style, and lushness, not to mention, it’s an incredibly beautiful candid shot!! You exemplify my version of LUSH. Life. Style.

Have a beautiful weekend! xoxo


Wow wow and wow. My eyes are popping out of my head right now. Tamera’s place is stupendous! Thank you for sharing this with us, what an amazing visit with an amazing lady! XO, Jill


Thank you , Heather, for showing us Tamera’s home…it is as wonderful as she is!! I love the chalkboard with the Nyad quote on it!! And the spa bath…so cool. She is truly a creative genius and I love seeing the two of you together! Really enjoyed the post!


Creativity & inspiration galore! What a perfect delight I’m sure. Looks like an amazing time. Thanks for sharing!!


What an amazing place Tamara has! Sooooo unique. You guys must have had a blast. Thanks for the tour Heather – gosh you have been busy. When you coming to London?? ;) xx


Lucky you!

Such an amazing place to discover. A real treasure trove of creativity.

You all look so elegant.

BTW I totally need to adopt your idea about the hands ; )



My dear Heather thank you for this beautiful and generous post… you are so very kind! It was such an honor to have you, Scott and Dorie over for such a memorable brunch! As I have said before… I miss you already!!



Thanks for sharing these with us. Tamera is such a creative, gracious lady. Her home looks enchanting. What fabulous memories. I’m inspired just seeing her fabulous gardens and home. This weekend I’m going to visit my brand new grandson who was born last week! Have a lovely weekend yourself!


May God bless you for sharing this brilliance with us!
I am inspired beyond belief!
Have a wonderful weekend, Heather!


Oh my goodness, Heather…what a fabulous day you had!! What a gorgeous home and gracious hostess! Thank you for sharing this day with us!

Have a lovely weekend! xoxo


Good morning dearest Heather! Isn’t Tamara sensational? And that you live so close that you can visit? I only have two blogger pals in my area, and even then, we can never coordinate our schedules to visit! But if and when we do, it is magical indeed. What a haven her chambers is! Those gray curtains surrounding the bed are fabulous!

Enjoy your weekend my dear! Anita

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