My original San Francisco Getaway Guide quickly became my most popular travel post. My second post on San Francisco, ‘Welcome to the Weekend…{Anniversary Getaway to SF}’ is now my most popular post. There seems to be lots of interest in this fabulous city, just three hours away from where we live.  In this last year, we’ve made a couple of additional trips so I have an update to add.  In November we had a special Birthday to celebrate for this guy~my one and only.

We thought to celebrate in the city, with Scott’s girls (my fabulous step-daughters), would be just perfect. We stayed at our favorite Hotel Adagio, near Union Square, which has undergone a swanky renovation since my first post.  San Francisco gets all decked out for the holidays.  If you are traveling during the season, be sure to make time for the gorgeous tree, and window decorations, in festive, iconic Union Square.

The Lindstroms on the town in San Francisco (November 2012)

Happy ‘Papa’

Lauren, Annika, me, Briana ‘The girls’

 I was feeling a little French, with our upcoming trip to Paris planned for the holidays, I discovered Chez Papa Bistrot online. Frankly, for dining with the girls and celebrating Scott’s birthday, this bistro had me at Chez “Papa”.  I read a number of reviews, crossed my fingers, and booked on Open Table. From the moment we arrived at Chez Papa Bistrot we were treated with warmth, charm, and care (how do you say ‘rock stars’ in French?).  We were seated at a cozy table near the front window and, despite the cold evening, the heaters were blasting and diners were outside at the cafe tables.

We felt instantly transported to a bistro in Paris for the evening (and you must believe me as a month later Scott and I were at a bistro in Paris for comparison). The charming candlelit ambiance, superb dishes, lush wines, and celebratory desserts would have been enough.

but Marc Sempere and his staff completely outdid themselves for us, offering special toasts and the utmost in service. It was a thrill to meet the chef, Nicolas, who autographed a menu for Scott as a remembrance of his birthday.

Here it is, almost Valentine’s Day, so if you live in the bay area, or will be traveling there, I would most definitely recommend Chez Papa Bistrot for a romantic evening. Valentine’s Day, or any day, Chez Papa Bistrot will work its magic.

                    Cheers to a little romantic adventure and finding the undiscovered jewels!
Have you found any hidden jewels lately?


Heather Orr Lindstrom Signature


Heather Lindstrom

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So nice to meet you, Heather. Love your blog. I’m putting in bloglovin right now.

Heather, I love this and all the great ideas. I’m going to check out that hotel it sounds like a super spot! I love your family pics! You guys are so cute together..Nice you do special things like this for your husband’s birthday. Sweet. :)


I could not have imagined a better way to do my b’day. Seriously. It was just perfect, and we all realized that in the moment. I will forever be grateful for that celebration. Oh, and that pic of me with my head thrown back in laughter… Have that displayed prominently when I go bye-bye (not soon, I hope). THAT is how I want to be remembered. Love and thanks to my 4 girls. (And Gold Dust… next time.)xox

I love that pic too!! Yes next time we’ll get a bit saucy at the gold dust!

What a wonderful post Heather! I always have wanted to visit SF! On my list! And so lovely to see photos of your family, it’s the best! xo Caroline

For sure, I think you would absolutely love San Francisco, Caroline. It suits your aesthetic, as it does mine. How about plan for SF and then the Napa/Sonoma Valleys? They are so close. The perfect trip.
Have a lovely weekend! xx

What a lovely family you have. I so appreciate the eye candy! I may post a little eye candy on my own blog!

Thanks Lisa! The girls are gorgeous~too bad I can’t take any credit as the step mom. We are having so much fun at this stage in life.

What a beautiful family!
Papa DOES look happy surrounded by his girls!

You are so right, Jeannie. Papa had a pretty amazing big birthday!!
xx, Heather

I will be putting that bistro on my list of TTD the next time we go back to the City! which I hope will be this coming year, as we are moving to the central coast and will be much closer.

For sure Anne. You will love it. Where are you moving on the coast? Would love to hear.
Happy weekend Anne! xx

It was SUCH a great trip. Thanks for everything, Heather!! Glad we could all be together.

I would also like to add one of my favorite SF spots to your treasure hunt (maybe next time we all go as a fam we can go there!) It’s the Gold Dust Lounge.

I discovered it with a group of girlfriends one morning when we were in urgent search of a bloody mary. The only place that didn’t turn down our request was the Gold Dust Lounge and when we walked through the door it was like we stepped back in time. It used to be a burlesque bar co-owned by Bing Crosby with regulars such as Herb Caen, Steve McQueen, and Janis Joplin, now worn and tattered but full of soul it’s as if the bar was their hand-me-down to the rest of us. The benches, stools, carpet and ceiling paintings were all the originals. It was run down and, well, dusty, but we fell in love with it! Full of local characters reminiscing and a complete escape from the modern outside world, we spent the morning alternating between bloody marys, champagne and conversations with strangers. Jake, possibly the oldest bar tender in the world sat with us and told us stories about his crazy old friends, Hunter S. Thompson, and Janis Joplin. Janis apparently found the Gold Dust much like we did. After being turned down by Elizabeth Arden for a facial and refused service at the St. Francis because of her wild looks, she wandered into the Gold Dust and became an immediate regular. It’s just one of those places.
The Gold Dust became the home base in SF for my group of girlfriends and me. Reunions, blind dates, birthdays and drinks for the hard times all took place there.
When we found out they were getting evicted and closing for good we were horrified! How could a city close down such a unique piece of history? We attended “Save The Gold Dust” events (and “bought the t-shirt”), other patrons put on concerts, wrote poems, hosted pub crawls to save it, but the current owners were evicted from their historical spot in Union Square.

Thankfully, the owners were determined to continue the legacy and they found a spot near Fisherman’s Wharf and re-opened with much of the same furniture and decor. The prices are the same as they were in the ’60s. A $3.50 Irish Coffee or Margarita is hard to come by in SF, but that’s just the way the Gold Dust does it. From drink prices to eviction notices to social status, The Gold Dust will keep on keepin’ on and as Jake says, “We don’t give a hoot!”

Ok I think I’ve rambled on for wayyyy too long, but hopefully this post finds someone else in search of a bloody mary!!


Thank you sweet Bri! It’s so fun to see your tips and ideas here on the blog. I love hearing the history of the place and your history with your girlfriends. I’m also impressed because you are the official ‘writer’ in the fam so it’s fun to have your voice on Stylemindchic. xx

What a great birthday celebration, Heather!! The hotel looks fabulous…great ad for SF. Have a wonderful day!!

Thanks Pam! I have an ongoing love affair with this city.
Enjoy your weekend!

Look at you and your beautiful family Heather! Such fun and what a lovely hotel. Your meal looks delicious:)


Thanks Leslie~we had such a ball. Wonderful memories! It’s a must do for a trip to San Francisco.
Enjoy your weekend! xx

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