Postcard from Lake Tahoe

  Postcard from Lake Tahoe Happy last days of summertime! We’ve been enjoying fresh mountain air and family … Continue Reading

Rest in Peace: Norma Kaylor Lindstrom

We are heartbroken today that our beautiful, stylish, smart, loyal and feisty sister-in-law, Norma Kaylor Lindstrom, has lost … Continue Reading

Color Story: Yellow Crush

Color Story: Yellow Crush lemon.canary.daffodil.sunshine.banana.butter.limone.mellowyellow.goldenrod.lemon.canary.daffodil.sunshine Perhaps it’s the settling in after a dreamy tropical vacation getaway, the pins … Continue Reading

Postcard from Paradise: Jamaican Vibes

Jamaican me crazy! I mean that in the best possible way, Jamaica. Though this was my first visit to … Continue Reading

Easy Ways to Experience Culture in Your Hometown

Easy Ways to Experience Culture In Your Hometown You’re used to living in your hometown, so it might … Continue Reading

Retirement Moon Rising: Jamaica!

We’ve waited patiently until the summer rush was over and now we are slipping away to a tropical … Continue Reading

Brunch Style: Living on the Fringe with Uno Alla Volta

On the Fringe with Uno All Volta I have a new appreciation for brunch dates of late. Scott … Continue Reading

Retirement for Two: “So What Do I Actually Do Now?”

Retirement Update: I’ve received so many comments and emails about my retirement series as I made the leap … Continue Reading