Prosecco, Pretty Little Things and Girlfriends!

Prosecco and Pretty Little Things Shower on Stylemindchic Life

What’s not to love about prosecco and pretty little things, right?

I can’t seem to get enough of romance and weddings this month!  One of my dearest friends, Lily, is getting married soon so Melanie and I decided to throw a ‘Prosecco and Pretty Little Things’ soiree for the bride. Since Lily already has a home, and plenty of household items, ‘pretty little things’ sounded just right to make her feel special before the big day. I used a rustic look tablecloth from Spain, a vintage tray and roses-in blush and cream- to decorate the space at Wine Time-our regular spot for girlfriend get togethers. I used Lily’s wedding invitation, drawn by her daughter Ramona, to personalize the space. Isn’t it darling?

Prosecco and pretty little things soiree and Lily receiving her gifts

Melanie and I had fun shopping together for the ‘pretty little things’ at Heavenly Blue in downtown Chico. Our beautiful bride seems to like our gift–and I have a sneaking suspicion her husband-to-be will like it even more!

Prosecco and pretty little things on Stylemindchic Life with Lily and her bride t-shirt

Lily is not only a bride-to-be, but also a busy mom, so we mixed the sexy lingerie up with a little something more sporty from Target.

Lily, Mel and Heather Stylemindchic Life and Presecco and Pretty Little Things party

Lily, Heather and Melanie-girlfriends for a lifetime!


Prosecco and Pretty Little Things Party for Lily on Stylemindchic Life

Prosecco and Pretty Little Things Soiree Lily and Teresa

Lily with another dear friend of ours, Teresa.

Details of the prosecco and pretty things soiree bush skirt and roses

I wore a blush skirt, blush/black wedges and oversized pearls, but I dressed my look down with an asymmetrical black t-shirt.

Marc Jacobs Sunglasses /Seychelles Shoes/

Paperless Post and Stylemindchic Life invitation

While I love a handwritten invite, some events call for an online version, like this ‘pretty little one’ from Paperless Post. The details are just perfect for our little soiree and they have a range of stylish options.

Forever Friends on Stylemindchic Life

Speaking of true friends, you may remember these two girls, who met as babies at a dinner party at my house. We celebrated their high school graduation recently, with a lovely party, and soon they will be off to U.C. Berkeley together. Their moms and I are also girlfriends for a lifetime.

Girlfriends…. what would we do without them? I’m feeling grateful for these women-true friends-girlfriends for lifetime, that grace my life. I’m also appreciating the blog friends I’ve made along the way. Thank you to those of you who linked up with Jennifer and I at the #stylefocus Lifestyle Linkup. I’m feeling the blog love and I appreciate my genuine, kind-hearted blog friends more than I can say. xx

Stylemindchic Life Logo PNG

Finally, I want to share this updated and the comment about my invite to The Knot’s Dream Wedding in wine country…

wine-country-wedding-stylemindchiclife-jasminestar-theknot-Wedding couple walking down the aisle at Chateau St. Jean

I received this message from the beautiful bride Samantha on Instagram:

 “Such a beautiful blog about our wedding thank you so very much!💗 Wish you could have made it to our big day as well but I agree it was a worthy reason to miss…ironically enough my mom was a special education teacher and a great one at that! Takes a genuine soul to be in such a field and I send all my best wishes to the graduates! Hope you had a wonderful celebration and glad you could follow along from afar☺️ Cheers all around!😘🍷”


Love, true friendships…a gift to be celebrated.

Do you have girlfriends for lifetime?


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Heather Lindstrom

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How lovely! Prosecco is my favorite spring/summer bubbly (Veuve Clicquot for fall/winter). Of course, everything tastes better in the company of friends, particularly when you can share and toast to such a happy occasion. How delicious!!

Cheers, M-T


Heather, I guess love is in the air this month, as I just attended a wedding this weekend too. What a lovely gift you got the bride. The shower looks festive, and it’s nice that the three of you have remained friends through the years.

I hope you are enjoying your summer break.

love, ~Sheri


What a happy post Heather, I loved seeing all the pictures. It looks like such a lovely bridal party and you always look so beautiful in your stylish outfits. Congratulations to the girls on their graduation too.


Such a delightful, classy and fun shower! I am wishing the bride to be the very best in life.
Connecting with such lovely women is so inspiring!


Thank YOU for your kind wishes for Lily and thank you for your lovely comment on my last post. So happy to have you join us on the Linkup!


There is nothing quite like old friends and I adore the images of you all together, and the wedding…fabulous! Hope you’re having a great week!


Thank you! I am having a wonderful week-it feels so good to be off work for summer vacation…I hope you are enjoying your warm, sunny days of ‘almost summer’. xx


Beautiful Post-So glad you included the update from The Knot wedding! I got Chills AGAIN by the Bride’s comments-So connected are all of us in this world! Amen Girlfriend! KK


Loved our chat the other day my lovely friend….thank you!! xx


Nothing better than prosecco and pretty things – except girlfriends to share them with! Best wishes to your friend…and the note from the bride brought tears to my eyes! Hope you are having a wonderful and relaxing week, Heather! xoxo


So true, Sandy! We are on the same wavelength my friend!! Thank you Sandy…I’m finally having some down time-after a tremendously busy year-and it feels so good! Happy almost summer!

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