City view of Lisbon, Portugal

Our summer travel to Portugal and Spain had been in the works for over a year, so when we touched down in Lisbon, after 30 hours of travel, Scott and I were beyond excited. Portugal has always been on our bucket list. We were enamored with visions of colorful tile roofs, pastel buildings, old school trams, and vibrant bougainvillea brightening the neighborhoods, all enhanced by city and sea views.

CS Vintage Lisboa Hotel

As the taxi pulled up in front of our hotel, the CS Vintage Lisboa, I knew we had landed in the right place. We were warmly welcomed by Ines and the team at this sleek, hip hotel in the center of Lisbon. Despite Scott’s crash course in Portuguese on the plane (while I was glued to ‘Orange is the New Black’), we found English speakers to be very common in Portugal. From our first trip to the Veranda Do Castello at the rooftop terrace of our hotel, Nuno treated us to a refreshing variety of sangrias, tapas, expansive city views and great laughs.

Sangria on the rooftop terrace at CS vintage Lisbon

After a good night’s sleep, day two found us eager to start exploring this picturesque city. We strolled through charming neighborhoods near our hotel, filled with cafes, boutiques, flower shops and charming parks where locals gathered.

Flower Shop Lisbon


Neighborhoods in Lisbon

On the advice from our concierge we made our way to a hilltop park, Jardim Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara, with incredible city views. We settled in at the cafe for lunch and enjoyed the people watching, city views, fresh fare and more sangria.

Lunch with a view Lisbon

Next stop, we chose to take the iconic, graffiti-covered tram down the hillside to Avenida da Liberdade, with luxury shopping and wide, tree-lined streets. Graffiti is everywhere in Lisbon.

Colorful Tram in Lisbon


Tram in Lisbon

With luxury boutiques and pop-up markets, we found a variety of shopping options in Lisbon. Boutiques generally take credit cards but for other vendors and most taxis you will need cash.

Shopping in Lisbon

 Shopping and gathering colorful inspirations for my here.

Where it took a turn in Lisbon

Here’s where our tale takes a brief but costly turn. Scott picked up cash so that I could do some shopping and we could take a taxi back to the hotel. We bought some sweet gelato from this darling girl, and boarded the ‘now we know’ notorious Tram 28, to take in scenes of the old town. Read my account of what happened next on Tripadvisor here. In the end, Scott discovered that within 25 minutes of his wallet being lifted over $2000.00 had been charged to his visa/debit cards at perfume stores in the area. I’m not suggesting not to ever take a Tram, but we wish we had been more aware of the theft issue. In all big cities and tourist areas pick pocketing happens so simply be prepared. Thankfully, Visa graciously refunded all of the charges and shipped us new cards within two days.

Scott’s advice: Carry minimal cash, carry only 1 credit card at a time, keep your wallet in your front pocket with your hand on it.

My advice: consider a waist belt that you wear under your clothes for cash, credit and passports.

Despite the inconvenience, and lost time making a police report, we got back on track in time to enjoy dinner at Povo on the famous ‘Pink Street’ in Cais do Sodre, a former red light district turned trendy night spot.

Out on the town in Lisbon Pink Street

We enjoyed delicious dishes, plentiful wines, and Paula took excellent care of us. Povo is also a perfect place to listen to the local Fado music in a non-touristy environment.

Goodbye Lisbon!

We were up bright and early, fueled with cafe com leite, said goodbye to the wonderful staff at CS Vintage Lisboa, and headed to Sintra, the famed summer vacation palaces of royalty, only 20 minutes away.

Lindstroms do Sintra

We felt as though we were transported to another place in time in Sintra. Even the climate was dramatically different with undulating clouds, verdant pinnacles and lush foliage. There are number of medieval and Moorish palaces in this magical hilltop enclave. In these photos we were at the Seteais Palace viewing the Pena Palace on the pinnacles. Despite the weekend crowds this is a fascinating place to visit.

For the next leg of our trip we headed about 4 hours south to our next destination, the beachy Albufeira in Algarve, Portugal. I will explore our time there in an upcoming post. Thank you for joining my series ‘Summer Travel to Portugal and Spain’. Please click title of the post to leave a comment.

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Bon voyage!



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Heather just love the photo of you in the tram. What a colorful and beautiful spot. So sorry about the wallet. I’m glad you got it all fixed fast. Your photos are wonderful. I love seeing through your eyes! xx


I thoroughly enjoyed taking a tour around Lisbon with you. We were there a few years ago but I would like to return and spend more time there. So sorry to hear about the theft but pleased that it didn’t spoil your trip. I shall certainly make a note of the hilltop park – great lunch and wonderful views. Sintra sounds very appealing too. Great post – wonderful photos and informative!


Look at all those beautiful images. Sorry for the inconvenient incident, but glad you both enjoyed the rest of your vacation. Thank you for taking us along, lovely.


We certainly did! Thank you Marcia-I always love it when you stop by! xx


Heather, thank you SO much for letting us experience your trip vicariously!! Other than the theft (which totally stinks!) it sounds like you had a fabulous trip. Your pictures are gorgeous (and you looked beautiful too!) Have a lovely weekend, my dear! xoxo


Thank you my travel partner! I’m glad you are enjoying our trip with us. We saw so many fabulous places. Happy weekend!


Great photos!

I am so glad you didn’t let the pickpocket ruin the whole vacation. What bad luck.



Thank you Suzanne. That’s the thing about travel….it’s always an adventure.


It looks absolutely amazing! But, I am so sorry you were robbed! That is a bummer and good lessons for all of us. This tour you took us on, however, is so beautiful and I love the picture of you on the balcony…gorgeous lady!


Thanks for traveling along with us Pam! Happy summer off! xx


Heather… great pics. Looks like a great trip with the exception of that $2000.00 hiccup! How unnerving! It looked like you recovered though! Great post, you little jetsetter!!!


Hi Katie-We only let it stress us out for a few hours….there is always some adventure in travel, right?


I can’t wait to hear the next leg….what a beautiful country. Sorry about he pic-pocket. You guys handled that with class and calm. xoxo


Thank you! Thank you! I’m glad you are enjoying our tour…..who is this ‘anonymous’ friend? I would love to know. xx


Heather, thankfully you both recovered from that incident and enjoyed the rest of your trip. I can see how much fun you have on your travels!

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HEATHER! First of all, I am so sorry to hear about the theft! Unfortunately, we must think of these things, and we do, but what is sad is no matter how careful we are, anything could happen. I just know that while I was living in France, I always had my passport and money in a special pocket inside my shirt.

Your photos are glorious. It is always a happy moment to see you and Scott enjoying yourselves! Anytime however, when we are in crowds abroad and even here, we have to have the minimal amount of personal items hanging from us! Oh my dear friend, you did however, have a splendid time!

Thank you again for being a part of the link party. I’ll never forget it. XOXOXO Anita


Thank you dear Anita. We had such an inspiring journey…the color, the beauty, the style, the delicacies, the music…you would love it all! I’m so happy I was able to join your fantastic ‘Simply Irresistible’ link up. I enjoyed the armchair tours all around Europe, especially since I had just returned from there. Thank you for including me darling friend. Enjoy that lovely patio in summer. xx

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