Bloggers in Napa Valley – A Sparkling Adventure

Private Tasting at Domaine Carneros

Terrace at Domaine Carneros

After months of anticipation our #Bloggers in Napa Valley getaway day had finally arrived. I was beyond excited as I drove the nearly three hours to the Napa Valley. The first stop on our itinerary was the creative, fresh cuisine at Redd in Yountville for lunch. It was a beautiful spring day and we gathered, having traveled from far and near, at a shaded table on the patio, for hugs, toasts to our trip and lively conversation. There were quick photos, Instagrams and check-ins, as is to be expected with a group of bloggers, and we laughed, knowingly, that we all understood.

Cheers to #Bloggers in Napa Valley

Bloggers at Redd


After lunch we stopped into Montecristi Panama Hats where we tried on a number of high quality, handmade hats from Ecuador. We each found a favorite which was difficult with so many options. The owners could not have been more gracious and accommodating.

Bloggers in hats Napa Valley

The neighboring  ‘Scents of Napa Valley’ boutique called my name, and I indulged my senses by bringing home several scented soap bars with delicious names like Clean-O noir, Pear-secco and Tuscan Citrus Zest created by the Napa Soap Company.

Napa Soap Company

Panama hats and sensory delights in hand we caravaned down valley to our sleek and stylish boutique hotel, Andaz Napa. I have been fortunate to stay at the Andaz Napa twice before with my husband here. I always appreciate the low stress check in, with lounge seating and an iPad, from your personal concierge.  After being offered a welcoming glass of wine we were whisked away to our individual suites.

Suite at Andaz Napa

It felt completely decadent to have a suite with a fireplace, sitting area, walk-in shower and soaking tub all to myself for two nights! The concierge made our stay even more special with touches like rocky road with strawberries and a personalized welcome note.

Welcome strawberries and chocolate to Andaz Napa

I snapped a few shots of my suite and did a quick change for our cocktail party planned for the Mercantile rooftop terrace. We enjoyed the twilight hours around the fire pit with wine, tapas, fun conversations and inspiring friends, old and new.

Cocktail Party for Bloggers Collage

Spa en suite Andaz Napa

Sweet suite Andaz Napa 2

 The next morning, following a much needed wake up call from this beautiful spa bath and room service, we were all up bright and early for a full day of tasting and touring.

Mike the Chauffer

We were greeted by Mike ‘The Napa Valley Chauffeur’ from Napa Valley Tours and Transportation. Mike is a saint with a great sense of humor. He took impeccable care of us during the entire day, safely driving us from place to place in comfort, suggesting some intriguing stops, providing cold waters and even a hand when we needed it. Mike is also an impressive photographer and documented our day beautifully.

Bloggers in Napa Valley at Domaine Carneros

Our first stop, Domaine Carneros, always a favorite for me, was made extra special by a private tasting on the terrace. Our guide, Sean, walked us through an incredible array of bubbles and regaled us with the history of wine country and the science behind the fruits of their labor. We were diligent students….who wouldn’t be in this sublime environment?

Pinot noir winemaker, TJ Evans, joined us and shared his passion for the intricacies of winemaking. If you’ve been to wine country you have likely seen this château, inspired by Chateau de la Marquetterie, owned by Champagne Taittinger in Riems, France. I always feel like I’ve spent time in Provence in this idyllic spot. Though we could have stayed all day, we moved on to the charming Pine Ridge Winery just off Silverado Trail.

Bloggers at Pine Ridge

The Pine Ridge Winery is alive with vibrant vineyards and colorful flower gardens. Mark, director of sales, gave us a comprehensive tour and we enjoyed seeing the wine caves and budding vines up close and personal. Pine Ridge has some lovely outdoor lounges that are perfecting for relaxing with a glass of your favorite. With two tastings under our belts before lunch we decided we were ready for some food.

Bloggers at Merryvale

Mike whisked us up to the Merryvale Winery in St. Helena. We were introduced to the lovely Laurence Schlatter, an owner at Merryvale, who created a rose strewn tablescape on the terrace. We dined on our prearranged choice of meals from Gott’s Roadside and enjoyed our time learning more about Merryvale and each other. Jason gave us a full tour of this historic winery. Hearing the history of Merryvale Winery and meeting the younger generation of owners and winemakers was more than inspiring.


The next morning, following our whirlwind day of touring, we took it easy (hello spa tub!) and made our way up to St. Helena for our farewell lunch at Archetype (formerly French Blue).  My drive north to our lunch in St. Helena inspired this post.

Bloggers at Archetype in St. Helena

(#bloggers in Napa Valley- Tamera, Heather, Kim, Adrienne and Jennifer)

Adrienne,Tamera, Kim and Jennifer, women who are each so unique and generous of spirit. The experience of spending time with these unforgettable women has enriched my life in countless ways. I look forward to sharing more about our time together. My appreciation and thanks to my generous friend, Adrienne, for creating this sparkling adventure in the Napa Valley. Charlotte Milan, Founder/President of C. Milan Communications kindly set up these visits with her esteemed clients for us.Thank you to the Andaz Napa and Andy, Chauffeur Mike and the wineries for hosting us so generously.

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Thanks to you for following along.



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Disclosure: The Andaz Napa generously sponsored my lodging for two nights. I paid for food, parking and incidentals while staying at Andaz Napa. All opinions expressed in this post are my own.


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  1. Heather,
    You all look like you are having the time of your life! It’s so nice that you had your blogger’s getaway, and what a special place like Napa Valley to do so. I enjoyed the pictures very much, because living in California, I’m very familiar with this part of the world. I was just telling my husband that we have to take a trip to Napa soon. I love the picture of all of you in hats… cute. Everything looks so delightful – from the rooms to the vineyards to the food. Oh my gosh, that rocky road and strawberries looks so good. I’m glad you had a retreat with the girls, and thank you for sharing these pictures with us.

    Have a lovely weekend, Heather.


  2. Hi Heather, Such a wonderful weekend you had and your pictures are fantastic. There’s nothing like the CA wine country.. it’s like you are in a far away place (Italy;) with scenic beauty at every turn. The food is amazing (those olives!!) and of course the wine is THE best. Fun series here .. and I’ve enjoyed following:) Happy weekend! xleslie

  3. I’m having so much fun looking at the posts from this trip Heather and you all look beautiful! I think every woman deserves this movie star treatment at Napa or in wine country too at some point too. I’ve heard great things about the transportation company and every winery is so beautiful you can’t go wrong. So glad you all had such a great time and you all look great (and so stylish) together too.


  4. Heather, what a fun pictures you took! Love some of the candid shots, like the ladies in the wine “tunnel” and walking around the winery. Looks like you lovely ladies had a fabulous time! Can’t wait to meet you all someday! OXOX
    Dawn Lucy

  5. Heather, You did such a great job with this. Love how you described out day of tasting especially. Wonderful people we met at all the wineries. Also looks like you had some nice photos, no one else got. Such a great trip and I miss you and wish it hadn’t gone by so fast! Thanks for this beautiful memory of it all. I am going to read again!
    xx Kim

  6. Love that you beautiful women and fellow bloggers had such a wonderful time in the beautiful Napa Valley! Thanks for sharing and spectacular images!

  7. Beautiful my friend! The entire trip comes back to me in a wash of fabulous memories!! Your pictures are stunning. Your captured the feeling of our trip, perfectly!! Bravo girlfriend. xoxoJennifer

  8. Oh Heather I so enjoyed gazing over all these photos. It looks like such a wonderful experience and someone did an excellent job with your itinerary. I’m so happy you got to spend such quality time with blogger friends. Once I got over my shyness, I think it would so special.

  9. I’ve been looking forward to reading all about your getaway and what a fun and varied time you had. Wonderful photos of you all especially the one with the panama hats! The Napa Valley is already on my must-visit list but having followed along with you here I am even more impressed with this beautiful area.

  10. Heather! i am so thrilled to see these photos of the sun-kissed region of california that looks so much like my beloved France! to be with blogger friends is so special, and is a dream come true. I know tamara and jennifer, and i would imagine that your time together was so great! much love to you all! anita